Isotopes (A Very Short Introduction) ★☆☆☆☆ DNF@20%

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Title: Isotopes
Series: A Very Short Introduction
Author: Rob Ellam
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 25 / 126
Words: 7.5K / 37K



My Thoughts:

This was the straw that broke the Bookstooge’s back. I just couldn’t take this series and it’s pointlessness any more. It was not horrible, it was not any worse than some of the other fething pieces of excrement from this series but I had reached my limit and this pushed me that one fatal step beyond that limit.

In regards to the series overall, I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. The premise it is based on is a false one, it is misleading and the writers involved, for the most part, are not authors by any stretch of the imagination. Overall I am very unhappy with my experience with this series and if there was a poll or something, I’d be giving Oxford Press a big fat negative score. If they worked at Target, they’d be getting the lowest scores possible and then get in trouble with their bosses for doing such a poor job.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

30 thoughts on “Isotopes (A Very Short Introduction) ★☆☆☆☆ DNF@20%

    1. Thanks.
      I knew this was going to happen at some point just because of the underlying idea for the series, but i have to admit I was hoping it was going to take a bit longer.
      C’est la vie!

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  1. Most of the ones I’ve read have been pretty good. Only one or two clunkers. But I mainly read the history and philosophy ones and those aren’t the ones you’ve been reading. I’m not much into isotopes or the periodic table.

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    1. Doesn’t that just figure? I’ve stayed away from the history ones (for the most part) because I don’t like history and from the philosophy ones because I feel like I have a decent enough grasp on a lot of them.
      But things like isotopes, the periodic table, light, I’m not so knowledgable about. And this is the path it lead me down.

      Right off a cliff!!!!!


  2. Well, it’s your fault for even starting a book about such a dreadful topic as isotopes, I gave up on that in high school 😉

    Seriously though, this series obviously fails at its aim – giving basic information on various fields to the uninitiated, so thanks for the warning!

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    1. Bro, thank you for the warm and caring concern. I can just feel the love 😀

      If they had titled this something else, it would have been much better. It is simply meant for people already in the field or living in the ivory towers or for those with their heads up their fundaments. They are essentially preaching to the choir, which isn’t helpful to me as I can’t sing (metaphorically that is)

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        1. I can. I am a pretty good tenor. I can’t read music though and I don’t care enough, so new music is tough. But give me a hymn I’ve heard before and bammo, I’ll belt it out with the best of them 😀

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    1. It ENDS NOW!


      Yeah, ok, I’ve had a little bit too much caffeine.
      But seriously, it does end now. DNF’ing a series is serious business but when I get angry at a book that’s not any worse than some of the ones that have come before, it’s time to end things.

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      1. “When I get angry at a book that’s not any worse than some of the ones that have come before, it’s time to end things.” That’s how I feel about most relationships.

        God, I’m funny. Give me some of that caffeine, Booky.

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