Justice (Spawn #5) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Justice
Series: Spawn #5
Author: Todd McFarlane
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comic
Pages: 25
Words: 1K


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At the Windgate Institution, Billy Kincaid is read his rights and claimed to be a cured man. He is being released from jail after good behavior. Billy smiles as he coyly still dreams of killing small children. He was placed in prison for 22 years, out in 10 on good behavior, for being caught with the murder of a Senator’s daughter, Amanda Jennings. He had pulled out her teeth and placed maggots into her wounds in a heinous crime. At that moment, he half-fantasizes how he’s killed at least 29 children by luring them to his ice cream truck and then abducting them and how he’s bid his time to be released so he could return to his activities.

As he leaves, Billy sings about ice cream and Sam Burke, who was standing behind him, screams that he’s insane and not actually cured. Sam believes that the murder of Amanda Jennings was not an isolated incident. Sam thinks about how he’s always played by the law, but the law sometimes doesn’t win.

That evening, the news reports about the release of Billy Kincaid.

In Queens, Wanda puts Cyan to sleep in her crib, while Spawn falls asleep in the alleyway amongst trash and rubble.

Sam and Twitch Williams discuss the release of Billy at the New York City Police Headquarters. They agree to perform a midnight stakeout to see if Billy has reformed.

Billy takes Sherlee Johnson, finger paints

Cyan excited to see Wanda after day care.

Bums get hit by cops, cry about Billy. Spawn over hears, recalls how he was hired by Jennings for a hit on Kincaid. Cops go to him first. Problem was they found all the mutilated bodies but evidence went missing, and then the shack blew up. Jason Wynn then told everyone to drop the case.

With Sam and Twitch on stakeout outside Billy’s house, Spawn sneaks in through the back. When he spots Sherlee Johnson’s bloody dress, he moves into the house. Twitch spots a caped figure in the back and they both move in. Inside the house they find the evidence but no Billy.

At New York City Police Headquarters, Sam and Twitch begin plotting their search for Billy. When they walk into a back room, they find Billy Kincaid’s body, bloodied and strung up with chains and a note. It reads, “Boy’s screamed and girls screamed, so I made him scream… and scream… and scream….”

My Thoughts:

This is where the violence ramps up and set off one of my own personal issues, triggers I guess they call them nowadays. Violence against children. The badguy in this volume is not a super or a demon or anything, he’s just the worst kind of human you can imagine, one who preys on children. He’s a serial killer of children and gets out of jail on a technicality of some sort or another.

My issue is that he immediately kills another child. There was nothing sexual, thank God, but it really left me shaken and wondering if I wanted to continue this series. I realize McFarlane did it for shock value, but that just makes him a scumbag in my books, not a good comic artist.

Plotwise, it gives Spawn a purpose and drives him towards the anti-hero narrative. He kills the pervert and I for one was all for that bit of vigilante justice. However, ending picture encapsulates the heart of violence of this comic and I have to wonder if I want to continue reading.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

16 thoughts on “Justice (Spawn #5) ★★★☆☆

  1. Yeah, I remember there being some controversy about this issue when it came out. I think there was also some discussion in the letters pages in the next issue. Not sure. Do you have the letters in the digital version?

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I hadn’t even thought of the letters section, but yeah, I remember them from the Silver Sable comics.

          That would have been a neat little time capsule to include those.


          1. OK, I looked up my old issues. At the back of every issue there’s a two-page letters spread called The Spawning Ground (except for the first issue, which had an editorial by McFarlane). Basically it’s just selected letters with McFarlane’s responses. In issue 7 they talk a bit about the controversy of issue 5 and how conservative critics had said it wasn’t fit for children. And one letter in particular came to McFarlane’s defense saying comics weren’t just for kids, etc. McFarlane responded by saying that he could have had a comic with 100 kids being killed and it wouldn’t have mattered if he wasn’t so successful and selling so many copies.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Thanks for looking that up. Now I’m going to miss that section every time I read one and it will be in the forefront of my mind.

              I would never let any child under my supervision read this stuff.


    1. I am, I am.
      I’m going to give the series the month of August to get less gratuitous but if it crosses that line again, I’ll be done.
      Some things just aren’t worth dealing with….

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry Icky, you’re not the only one. This gruesomeness is just off-putting.

      Glad you enjoyed the reviews though. Do you have any favorite comics? If this series doesn’t improve I’ll be on the lookout for a new series to try….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My comic days were around 1974-1975. Spidey, Batman, and Daredevil were the faves. I had a couple of Luke Cages that I enjoyed. I don’t believe I ever completed any story arcs. Sorry, no recommendations. I have faith that you will find a comic worth your time that I will enjoy vicariously. Happy Trails!

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