Introducing ….. Grizzelda!

I’d like to introduce my new niece to you all. Much like pictures of Mrs B and I, Grizzie’s picture will be taken down after a set time and obviously her name is NOT Grizzelda. Only a very cruel uncle would saddle a child with a name like that. Thankfully, uncles like that do exist and they will help toughen up the bunch of pansies our world currently calls kids.

Her existence has already caused drama in our family. Sitting around and drinking milk all day has made her think that she’s entitled to the title of having the biggest stomach. This has put her in direct conflict with her uncle who’s been working towards that title for over 40 years. I suspect this is going to be a battle for the history books. The picture above is of her calling me out and proclaiming that there’s just not enough room in this here Internet for the both of us. Like I said, drama.

Adios! I’m off to eat a whole pizza to defend my title.

57 thoughts on “Introducing ….. Grizzelda!

            1. I’m serious. I’m going to put up a sign on our door so that whenever she enters our place, she magically transforms into Princess Grizzelda and I will be the villain, Uncle Awesome, the world’s baddest couch potato.

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          1. The people are going to love this! You’ll never have to work again with the money we’re going to make! I’ll make sure to drug Chesterton so he couldn’t even finish a pie. I doubt you want me to drug your niece (unless you really want to win and happy to throw all your morals out the window), so it’ll just be up to you to beat her…

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            1. I’m definitely ok with a drugged Chesterton. That man needs all the handicaps we can give him.
              Considering my sister is on the SWAT team, it’s probably safer if we don’t drug Grizzie. I’ll just have to man up and try to beat a baby.

              What should we do for a theme song?

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              1. Your sister’s on a SWAT team? I’m afraid I’m going to have to officially hand in my resignation as your manager. For unrelated reasons.

                But I can still suggest a theme tune, of course. Always found HBO’s Succession to be incredibly intimidating – your niece won’t know what hit her! It also perfectly reflects the scandalous nature of a threeway cage match – the audience will be gripped!

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                  1. Grizzelda told me that around twenty years ago, she invested in masks. Now she’s one of the richest babies on the planet. Follow the money, is my motto!

                    Glad you liked it. Perfect for the occasion. And, after you win, we can of course play a little bit of Happy Days… 😀

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                    1. That’s a forward looking baby! I have to admit, with a track record like that, I don’t blame you for switching sides. You got the ♪guns and money♪, now all you need is the ♪lawyers♪

                      Happy Days are here agaaaaaaaaaaain……

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    1. Thanks 😀

      I was a little worried at first, but now that Otsy has taken over as my manager, I have no doubts.
      And if I start to lose, I can just hand her over to her mother and call it a day! Hahahaha 😀

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    1. Trying to figure out the right thing to do has been quite the head twister I have to admit. But I’ve come to realize I’m not in charge of other peoples’ lives, that is up to God.
      That’s taken a load off of my shoulders for sure 🙂


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