One of the problems of being a bookworm is keeping track of everything you read. When I was sick last month I was reading close to a book a day. I usually will add what I’m currently reading to my Currently Reading List over on LibraryThing. That helps me with a visual picture and gives a memory aid. The problem is that if I don’t add the book right away, it is very easy to not add it at all. And that happened with some of the British Science Fiction Classics I was reading.

I had read the one about the Moon but had forgotten to note, record or in any way remember that I had read it. So when I got around to the series in my reading rotation, I dived into the next one about Mars but according to my kindle it was book 4 in the the series. And that’s when I tracked down book 3 about the Moon and it all came rushing back. It just just like being back in “Nam for the first time all over again.

I hope this scary story hasn’t scarred any of you too badly but if you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a Real Reader and Book Blogger just make sure you’re prepared to experience such horrifying things yourself.

And that’s it for today from the trenches. Remember, when you want front line news on the Book Wars, turn to Bookstooge News Network first! You can trust us…

46 thoughts on “#BookwormProblems

                1. Yes, I can tell from your recent posts just how much you celebrate America, hahahaha 😀

                  thankfully, the Princess Bride can bring us all together, much like that song by that chowderhead, Whats His Name. Good ol’ WHN, so unforgettable….

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                  1. Recognizing Trump as an immoral soon-to-be-jailed criminal who temporarily had your great nation in the dumpster is very much part of loving American ideals. But I digress…

                    Hope Fraggle enjoys Princess Bride! Not sure what the song is…Elton John?

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                    1. Do the Doolies paint their bottoms blue though? To me, that is why the Beatles really never hit the bigtime and history will forget them. You either Braveheart it or go home….

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                    2. Might be able to turn it into some sort of song and dance show with McCartney tapdancing and I’ll wave around a straw hat and cane.

                      THEN the blood and guts….

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                    3. Biden has no answer to Trump when it comes to all important tv ratings. As Trump points out, they’ve been down since the election/insurrection. Putting Trump and his family on trial should sell some tv advertising space.


    1. There should be some sort of Geneva Convention for Books. I’m just a lonely little reader * sobs into hanky *

      Ahhhhhhh, I can tell life is going good when these are my issues 😀

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  1. Many such nightmares have been inflicted upon me.

    I lost some of the blogging juice last month. And I can see books just waiting to be reviewed … books I finished a month a go.

    Apologies for throwing my own personal horror into the mix

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