Questions, Part 1 (Spawn #1) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Questions, Part 1
Series: Spawn #1
Author: Todd McFarlane
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comic
Pages: 32
Words: 1K



Spawn (Al Simmons) stands on top of a building in New York City. He died and has returned but he can’t recall why he’s there. He remembers being tricked and how this wasn’t the deal he expected.

Five years ago in 1987, news flash reports discussed the recent death of American hero, Albert Simmons, who had saved the president’s life previously working in the CIA. Some channels reported on how his wife, Wanda Blake, appeared with another man at the wake, Martin Alexander.

Spawn recalls being a part of the CIA, Jason Wynn, and his death. He wanted to return to someone, someone he loved. When he sees a vision of his wife, he recalls making a deal with a demon to return. He curses the demon as it was his terms and now he can’t recall his past life. Spawn feels his new power surging through him and decides to find his wife. Once he gets some answers, he’ll track down the demon who screwed him on the deal.

At a crime scene elsewhere, Sam Burke asks Twitch Williams about a mobster murder. Twitch explains several times to Burke that while he was thrown through a window, he died of his heart being removed from his chest and being shoved into his mouth. Burke shows little remorse as several other major crime syndicate members had been killed recently in a similar manner.

At a nearby rooftop, Spawn spots several men sexually attacking a woman. He easily disposes of them and uses part of his necroplasm to bomb them.

As the men flee, Spawn experiences another flashback, even stronger than before, and he feels he MUST find Wanda.

Upon returning to his senses, he finds he wept in the woman he saved arms as she holds him and feels his pain.

News reporters report on today’s news of 1992 that a fourth gangland murder has been committed. There are also reports of the spotting of Spawn.

As Spawn wanders through the streets, he angrily pulls down his glove and realizes his body is charred and physically disfigured.

Twitch and Sam can’t believe the physical damage Spawn caused to several of the gang members with his necroplasm bomb.

Elsewhere, Malebolgia watches over Simmons and says outloud to himself that he will have so many more problems coming his way as he breaks into a maniacal laughter.

My Thoughts:

Last month Paul did a review of a comic called Spawn Universe. Spawn is a comic book character from the 90’s and has been successful enough that he’s still around and inspiring his own multiverse. It made me feel rather old. I was getting into comics the same time that Spawn was just hitting the comic book stores and wowing all the teenagers with its edgy, dark, “mature” content that Marvel and DC weren’t willing to provide to teenagers. Since I stopped being a teenager just a year or two ago I figured it was time to check out this iconic character that really helped make Indie Comics viable.

First off, the Fandom page provides so many answers to things that I had questions about which were not possible to know without having read much further, that I’m hesitant to visit there again. I will of course, because writing my own synopsis for a 32page comic book is a total downer and not what I signed up for when I was born.

It would appear that Spawn was a Special Forces military guy who died, made a deal with a demon to return to life so he could be with his wife. Only the demon, surprise surprise, had some additional clauses that he didn’t tell Spawn about. Like not remembering his former life. So Spawn figures out he’s back to hook up with his wife, but he doesn’t know who she is or anything. During this period he’s killing off crimelords, for no reason that I can tell. And he’s doing it extremely violently and making a big splash doing it.

He has a costume, which we know nothing about. I figure we’ll learn why it’s so “cape’y” later on. There are also many references to Youngblood, another superhero team produced by Image Studios, the same studio that produced Spawn. We also see the demon that made the Faustian bargain with Spawn, which means they are real and not just a delusion of his. Which leads me to wonder, are there going to be angels or other supernatural forces for Good?

A lot of questions. Which I’m sure is exactly what McFarlane had in mind in crafting this. Nothing keeps people coming back and buying your comic like unanswered questions that they want the answers to.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

49 thoughts on “Questions, Part 1 (Spawn #1) ★★★☆☆

                1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Manners now.

                  I have to ask, do you think your comments are in a vacuum? Everyone who reads this post is going to see what you’ve written and how you’ve responded. Do you think they’re going to want to check out a person who begs and then insults all in the same comment thread?
                  I would highly recommend you work on your people skills.

                  There is no need to reply to this, as I’ve put an end to your commenting privileges here. You’ve shown an astonishing lack of maturity from beginning to end and while I hope you learn from this experience, my cynical side says otherwise.

                  Have a great life and go bother someone else….


                    1. At first I wondered if this kind thing is cultural, but I’ve come to the conclusion it is more a maturity level thing than anything. They don’t know how to interact with others and think the world revolves around them.

                      Most of the time I just ignore them, but every once in a while I have to respond. Like here. And I hope they learn something. But I doubt it 😦

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    1. If this hadn’t happened so long before the tv show Supernatural, I’d say it was ripping it off. Now I’m wondering if Supernatural ripped off some of Spawn.

      Any pizza is a healthy pizza if you believe in yourself 😉


    1. I bowled as a kid, just for fun, but bowling has taken a real hit in the last 20 years as a “fun thing to do”. I think there are two lanes within an hour of us? Not much of a presence any more really.

      Did you have a personalized bowling ball?

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    1. I think Venom and Carnage were both Marvel’s way of trying to dip their toe into the dark waters but without actually going in.
      I never cared for the anti-hero as hero in my teens and even now, not so much. We’ll see how the storyline for Spawn grabs me because I’m sure not sticking around just for him.

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    1. Considering Spawn doesn’t WANT to be bad, I’m guessing he tries to be good at some point too. Comics from the 90’s certainly weren’t known for their originality 😀

      I’m hoping to include a pix from the comic in one of the later volumes.

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