The Re-read Tag

Saw this at Zezee’s.


The Chronicles of Narnia series. My mom read these to me before I could read myself and I’ve read them myself several times and own them.


Moby Dick. Mainly because I don’t want to admit that ANY classic can beat me. Some day Cap’n Ahab, someday!


The Legends of the Duskwalker trilogy by Jay Posey. 2014 counts as “newer” right?


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. If there was only one dose of Immortality Elixir, I’d give it to the author and then chain him up in a dungeon so Austen fans could torture him for as long as time lasted.


Thinking about it, I enjoyed almost all the classics I read in school. I know I hated John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony but I have no desire to read it again. So I guess, zero? I included this cover because it has the word “zero” in the title.


Probably Larry Correia. While his Monster Hunters International series is what hooked me, his Grimnoir Chronicles, starting with Hard Magic, is what really made me a fan.


The Bone comics by Jeff Smith.


Not a fan of audio books. But maybe the Curdie books by George MacDonald? It seems like children’s books are more geared toward being read aloud than anything else.

And that does it for this particular tag.

51 thoughts on “The Re-read Tag

    1. For me, there is always going to be too many new books, so why take a chance on something new that could disappoint when I can read something I know I’ll like.

      It just goes to show that there ARE schools of thought on how to read, even if we don’t think about it very much 🙂

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            1. No thanks. The simpsons are crass, so I don’t read or watch them.

              And when you mail the beano, if you need to fill the box up, feel free to stuff in a brick or two of gold bullion. Makes great padding.

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              1. Ok. I would of thought newspaper be better, but if want gold padding, gold padding it is.

                And even the Queen of England likes the Simpsons. She has a very dark humour, loves violence and gore, that Queeny. Doesn’t mind crass either.

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                1. Trust me, gold is MUCH better packing material.
                  and it’s so easy to get ahold of too. Just rob a bank or two and voila, you’ve got more packing material than you know what to do with.

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  1. I’m not sure I would have liked Moby Dick during my school days, but I’ve finally read it a few years ago and I certainly appreciate it. I’ve read Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener recently and that was interesting, a proto-Kafkian short story! I’ll probably read more by him at some point.

    The author I re-read the most is obviously Tolkien, but it’s been long since I’ve read complete Narnia, so that’s something to do 🙂

    I’m often re-reading in audio, but I also have some books I listened to I feel I should read, when I’m listening I have lapses of attention and with more serious books that can be a problem…

    Interesting tag, thanks!

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    1. I think Moby Dick might be my next “big” project to work through once I finish up Gulag this year.

      How much re-reading do you do, on average?

      I get you on the audio. Which is why I’ve stopped even trying to utilize audio. I just can’t pay attention like I can to the printed word.

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      1. Less than I thought I do, 5 titles in 2020, 5 titles so far in 2021…

        Audiobooks… well, I’ll illustrate my approach with a simple comparison. When I read a profound book, like, for example, a Culture novel, I need concentration and attention to details I cannot achieve when I’m listening while vacuuming my flat. But a simple action piece, like something from Polity, is absolutely doable in audio 😛

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  2. I’ve noticed you talking about rereads. For me, I can only reread books if I absolutely loved them, and even some that I rated highly 10 years ago, I feel very differently about today.

    Moby Dick is definitely on my classic books bucket list!

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    1. What about books that you read 20 years ago? Do you remember them well enough or have a detailed enough review? Half the time a re-read is like reading a brandnew book because I’ve forgotten it 😀

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      1. Oh for sure, I forget too much to even write a review after one year.😂 Not sure about you, but I like to write my review within a day a reading it. I don’t even like moving on to a sequel until I’ve fully reviewed the first.

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  3. I have an audible version of the Curdie books, and it’s not bad. I’m not sure if it adds a lot to the books or not. To me, what adds to the books is all the symbolism that jumps out at you once you realize who Great Grandmother represents (big fat hint: she’s frequently surrounded by pigeons/doves).

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    1. Is it abridged? The one pictured here is abridged but I picked up a duology of Curdie that was non-abridged and my goodness, MacDonald really did like to write 😉

      Next time I read it I’ll keep an eye out for said symbolism…

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      1. The one I have is unabridged (I don’t do abridged 😉 ). The only other MacDonald I’ve read is Phantastes, which I think for a lot of people is an “I don’t get it” kind of book. It’s pretty random, disconnected, and dreamlike.

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        1. I’ve read his “At the Back of the North Wind” which is another childrens’ book but not really, Lilith and Phantastes. I think there might have been one other but I can’t remember it.

          Yeah, when I was done Phantastes in highschool I simply had zero idea what I had read. Lilith wasn’t much better for me either 😦

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  4. I do like your tag tag! 😀
    I’ve re-read Narnia a few years back, and my opinion generally didn’t change – still like The Magician’s Nephew the most, and can’t stand The Last Battle and The Horse and His Boy 🙂

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    1. Considering that the Last Battle is the most theological and Christian, I’m not surprised 😀

      I too liked the Magician’s Nephew the best but I”m not sure why. I think my second favorite was Voyage of the Dawntreader. Reapacheep the mouse was always a favorite 🙂

      I am hoping to do more tags since I found a post that listed 100 tags! Should keep me going for a couple of years anyway…

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      1. Hey, man, I’ve read the whole Bible. I have nothing against Christianity – but I’d argue that The Last Battle is a bit too over the top in its religious zeal – false prophets, utter destruction and so on 😜 My second favorite is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but Voyage is third.

        100 tags! Good luck with them! We’ll be lifting the ones we like from you 😉

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        1. But that is the whole point of the book. the end isn’t always a roses and rainbow kind of thing and Lewis wanted to make sure his readers knew that.

          As for the 100 tags, we’ll see how many of them I pass over in utter disgust 😀

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  5. I feel the same about the Narnia books, mostly for the Magician’s Nephew and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I’d like to reread the others to see if I’d still like them.
    Lol to that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies answer 😀

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    1. I can do a tag when I feel like it, well, except for the “rules” part. But most of the time I just cut those out without commenting on it or the blabber mouth who created the tag 😀

      Indeed. Re-reading is now a huge part of my reading schedule. I’m actually trying to cut back, hahahahaa 🙂


  6. Haha I hear you about moby dick- I’ve very little desire to read it- BUT I also don’t want any classic to beat me! Haha I’m almost impressed that you (/any austen fan) managed to finish pride and prejudice and zombies. I tried the first chapter… and it was just a BIG NO

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    1. I just went and looked, I was NOT able to finish PP&Z. But I feel no shame, as I wouldn’t feel any shame about not eating a plate of pig excrement either 😀

      Some day I’m going to beat Moby Dick. But not this year or next. I’ve got enough big classics on my plate already…


    1. I gave up on trying to find the individual Bone volumes. They either weren’t available or were extremely expensive. The One Volume edition is good enough as long as your eyes can handle it being smaller.


      1. I check the one volume edition a few years ago and read for the whole week of spring break. It was good but, I didn’t like it being in black and white. I like my graphic novel in color. It bring out the art style.

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  7. I need to reread the one-volume Bone edition I have and review it sometime. Though several years ago a full color edition came out in hardback and I always debate on buying it or not especially as prequel volume Rose is in color.

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            1. I paid a bit more for my hardcover Akira manga, but at least I got 6 volumes and close to 3k pages.
              I don’t know if color is worth that much to me. I liked the black and white when I originally read Bone. Have you read it in color? Does it make a difference?

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