Project X – E

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.

Energy Drinks

I like energy drinks and caffeine. As you can see from the pix above, I am an equal opportunity drinker. I have a dream where the contents of an energy drink will be judged on how tasty and yummy it is and not on the appearance of its can!

Energy drinks: cooling, refreshing, energizing, enlightening. What more could you ask from a refrigerated beverage?

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks and caffeine, a scourge of mankind! A promise of unlimited energy that in the end enslaves the drinker and brings him down to lows he didn’t think could even exist!

Ellen White, one of the founders of the 7th Day Adventist church, has this to say about such things:
Diseases of every stripe and type have been brought upon human beings by the use of tea and coffee and the narcotics, opium and tobacco. These hurtful indulgences must be given up, not only one but all; for all are hurtful, and ruinous to the physical, mental, and moral powers, and should be discontinued from a health standpoint.”

Confliction! Angst! Turmoil! Addiction! Project X isn’t afraid to face the facts and get its hands dirty. Stay tuned for more shocking details in our next installment.

51 thoughts on “Project X – E

            1. Exactly. Just because it was done one way “back then” doesn’t make it any better. So what’s your point? That you like to eat pork but don’t want to admit it’s bad for you?

              I don’t care if you want to eat all the porks. Just don’t try to say it is good for you because people way back when ate it.


                1. Gotta disagree with you there. about the relatively harmless part.

                  As for nature, it’s natural for a baby to poop in their diapers. But we expect something different from an adult. “Nature” isn’t a very good model if you follow it down it’s logical path.


  1. The last time I had an energy drink, I ended up (enthusiastically and loudly) explaining to a coworker the detriments of Disney Star Wars. For about an hour and a half. Driving.
    Bless her heart, she appears to have forgiven and forgotten.

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    1. Hahahahaa. Glad she forgave you 😀

      I remember the first couple of times I had a sobe no fear in the morning and I was singing before work and I couldn’t figure out why. It took me a while to realize that caffeine is a mood enhancer as well as a stimulant. Of course, those days of it affecting me like that are long gone, back when I was young and foolish, hahahahaa 🙂

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  2. Nicely done. 🙂 I suppose my conflicting one would have been „caffeine“ … „don‘t like“ when in straight black coffee (heartburn! upset tummy! heart rate accelerates!) — „like it“ going on „indispensable“ when in fancy coffee-and-milk/cream concoctions and, especially, in tea and diet coke (energy! refreshing! love the taste! MORE!!) 😀

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  3. I finally got a couple of Monsters slammed down the other day and one sitting in the fridge for Saturday and I’ll have to go with your first answer. I like ’em, but not enough to drink every day like my coffee. Now, you try to take away my coffee and we got a problem! 😋

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    1. Yeah, energy drinks used to have that recognizable “chemical tang” that was the taste as well. Thankfully, a lot of the newer ones are flavored much nicer but you can still smell “the tang” 😀

      Score another one for your dentist parents 😀

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  4. If I drink caffeine a few days in a row, my stomach/esophagus starts to protest. So luckily I never give into the temptation for long. A bummer though, I could very much use caffeine as a life hack. I’m a totally different – better – teacher when I’ve had coffee before.

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    1. I am just waiting til my stomach can’t handle the carbolic acid of soda and I have to stop. That will be a sad day for me.

      Caffeine does some mighty big things, that’s for sure. Heck, even the church I attended before going to the SDA church looked on caffeine as a drug that should be avoided. Not on the level of marijuanna, but barely. The older I get the more I am inclined to agree with that assessment 😦


    1. I think so. I have the complete Revelations series in hardback omnibus edition and then the Chronicles in hardcover as well 🙂

      I’m pretty sure he’s done with Riyria Chronicles, as he keeps haring off to do other prequel series. I guess I have to be satisfied with what I’ve got….

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        1. Yeah, I stopped that series because of some of the same sex relationships he wrote into it.
          I seem to remember your wife enjoyed them? I’m pretty sure it was her that I read a bunch of reviews from anyway.
          Sigh, trying to keep track of who read what and whose review I read when/where is enough to drive Dr Who crazy! 😀

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    1. If you are exercising, they are not a bad idea to help give you that boost to get going and keep going. I don’t work out so I don’t get to use that excuse, hahahahaha 😀

      By the by, do you know what brands and flavors are available to you?


    1. Most of the energy drinks have the token label “not intended for anyone under 18”. Of course, it’s not a real rule or enforced, but I certainly agree with it. No teenager should be drinking that stuff.


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