Magician’s Ward (Magic and Malice #2) ★★★★✬

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Title: Magician’s Ward
Series: Magic and Malice #2
Author: Patricia Wrede
Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 185
Words: 77K


Kim is swamped. Between studying magic and learning a whole new life as a monied lady, her life is full, maybe too full! When a particularly inept burglar tries to steal several books from Mairelon’s library, it’s up to Kim and Mairelon to figure out why.

At the same time, several magician’s from Kim’s street life have disappeared and a Russian Magician shows up. When on the track of the thief, Mairelon loses his magic, it’s all up to Kim to deal with the rogue magician, who isn’t a magician at all!

And if that all isn’t enough, Kim has to have her coming out ceremony as a Magician’s Ward, where she realizes she’s in love with Mairelon.

By the end of the book, Kim has stopped the rogue magician, completed her ceremony and gotten Mairelon to propose to her. Now her life as a magician is going to get really busy!

My Thoughts:

If you happen to remember That Book, where I told Romance to get the heck out of my Action Stories, you might have gotten the impression that Bookstooge is a stone cold, heartless killer with no time for the softer things in life. And you would be wrong, dead wrong! (because I’d stone you coldly!) I like romance, in small doses and in its proper place. Jane Austen is the example that made me realize I could like romances.

Anyway, this book is as much a young adult/middle grade romance as a fantasy story. The obstacles that Kim needs to overcome are simplified, the villain appropriately stupid and even Mairelon takes side stage as he loses his magic, thus giving Kim the spotlight from all directions. She shines well too.

I didn’t think the story was quite as “fun” as the first but it felt more satisfying, hence the half-star bump. While I read this way back in 2000 and I have no real review, I remember liking this then and it seems I liked it just as much this time around too. I’m going to call this a Complete Success then.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Can we all agree that is the worst cover ever and that it should be cast into the Stygian pits?

42 thoughts on “Magician’s Ward (Magic and Malice #2) ★★★★✬

  1. It is not a candidate for the “cover of the month”, though…

    I’ve read the first two books in The Enchanted Forest Chronicles to my nieces via Zoom, and they loved it, so I’ll keep this in mind for them. But perhaps in a few years… they liked the wedding preparations in “Searching for Dragons”, but a regular romance…

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    1. Oh, these covers, yeah. They are just horrible!!!!! I have no idea what the cover artist was thinking, if they were thinking at all. I’m guessing they were a drunk, talentless hack?

      If they liked Enchanted Forest, they’ll like this and they don’t even have to wait that long. The romance is there but the adventure plays just as big a part.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, but will I be able to survive a romance? In a year or two, the oldest will read fast enough not to be discouraged by a full-size novel 🙂 But it turns out it was never translated, so we’ll have to skip it. I can translate comics on the fly, but novels are tiring.

        The first cover was better… but even this is not as terrible as what they put on Polish editions of Enchanted Forest.

        Liked by 1 person

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