Currently Reading: One Killer Force

Sigh. Miss Wannabe Delta Force Operator herself just showed up. And proceeds to initiate a drinking game with some college age kids with predictable (ie, bad) results.

After this book I’ll be done with the series. This is just too frustrating for me to enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Currently Reading: One Killer Force

    1. There are no delta force ladies. Which is what Fury is trying to have his characters change in this series. Fury seems to be pretty political in this series, more than I expected.

      I was expecting more of the Chuck Norris style 🙂

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      1. It sounds a disappointing book. In the real world Delta Force has been recruiting females since the 1990s. All females go into the G Squadron whose role is to conduct clandestine operations. DEVGRU’s Black Squadron also contains female members. According to the military, the reason this is done is when conducting clandestine operations, in some environments, a woman, either alone or paired with a male operator, can offer a softer profile than a lone man or team of men. Found that and a picture of a lady Delta Force operative but they blurred her face out. She had a Big gun!

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        1. Now I have to wonder when these books are written, as what you wrote is almost a paraphrase of the reasons given in these books.
          hang on….
          So it looks like these were published in 2012.
          911 is referenced, so this takes place “current” as of when it was written. Makes me wonder why Fury was pushing this idea if it was already happening.

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    1. Oh, no, thank goodness. That would have been a dnf. But they all get drunk, one guy thinks he’s gods gift and tries to assault Miss Delta Force and she breaks his fingers or arms. All while she’s supposed to be completely undercover.


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