#MusicMonday – ♪PSychic Grandma♪ ♪Comes Alive♪

Notorious PSG, the Rapping Ghostly PSychic Grandma, has released a new post-humous album this month. Titled ♪PSychic Grandma ♪Comes Alive♪, fans were delighted to hear a B side of her now infamous ♪More Dead♪ Than Alive♪ and Staying ♪that Way♪. While critics have derided this album as nothing but a PR stunt, PSG was overheard to say that she believes it’s her best work to date. Well, she did admit that her Party Album, which is still the prime suspect in the cottage collapse that propelled her to Super-Ghost Stardom, had a charm all it’s own.

The one big breakout hit from this album ♪The B to the F of the Ol’10 Z♪, is sure to amuse her long time fans. As many know, PSG is a big fan of her Lucky Charms and in this song she really goes after the leprechauns trying to steal them from her. Nobody messes with PSG’s bowl of Lucky Charms, Nobody!

I was introduced to Notorious PSG through the Belgium Boom Wave scene. While an obscure figure to the musical world at large, PSG is a veritable legend in the BBW community. Many, myself included, consider her the foundation on which the whole genre rests. I dare say that without PSG, Belgium Boom Wave wouldn’t exist today.

I won’t be including a sound clip because PSG needs everyone to go buy her new album. Being a Super Ghost-Star is a lot more work than she thought and I hope the musical community can give back twice as much as Notorious PSG has given it.


44 thoughts on “#MusicMonday – ♪PSychic Grandma♪ ♪Comes Alive♪

  1. Great post. Really positive to hear some straight up reporting ofnthis seminal force in modern music. One of the best things to come out of the grime explosion, Psychic Grandma has turned by understanding of Belgian boom-rave inside out, and hopefully this article will lead many more listeners to her door. Thanks for this terrific post!

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                    1. I tore them all down in a fit of pique when I found out I disagreed with myself about such matters of how many nessies can dance on the head of a pin. The hard hitting issues of our day, you know?

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                    2. There used to be statues of me in all the worlds capitols. Then I used the power of mob psychology and had them torn down. How dare anyone think differently from me, even myself? Shame on me!

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                    3. I used to read my own mind every day until I was introduced to the tinfoil. Now, I am at peace. It’s really nice knowing I’m not interfering with myself.

                      I think I tried to throw myself once, just as an experiment. I threw my back out so after that I was strictly on a non-throwmyself regimen…

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                    4. Bigfoot WOULD feel that way. He’s not the one whose brain got eaten after all.

                      Yeah, he’s pretty much all we got. New World and all, haven’t had the time to build up our resume of ancient monsters 🙂

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