62 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Auxiliary: London 2039

  1. Well, at least it wasn’t from a passing, casual sex-robot; surely there must be bonus points for keeping it in the household? I dodn’t have one myself, so not sure if it’s hard to get them to move in with you or not. As the reader, perhaps you can enlighten me?

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    1. I think all the badly made movies you watch on purpose must jade you to such a degree that you can even contemplate such a thing.

      You need to go watch a marathon of Barney to get you back on track!

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            1. Are you? Are you really Sir? Without any prior contact you presume to know the workings of this illustrious mind? You may be right, my knowledge of post blow job consequences may be vast and various, but you may never know if that is so. I suggest you cease and desist probing the inner sanctum of my incomprehensible intellect before I strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.

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  2. FWIW, I think there’s only one more sex scene w/the protag (and I don’t think it’s that graphic). I’d honestly forgotten about the scene you’re talking about, because it’s the least interesting thing about that ‘bot.

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    1. Yep, any book that I end up putting as “currently reading” I do finish. I actually finish the book, write the review, schedule it and THEN post the currently reading after the fact and talk about something that I didn’t in my review.
      I LOVE being able to schedule stuff and manipulate it 😀 😀 😀


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