Bookstooge is Doomed!

Not sure exactly how embedding a youtube video of music works, but feel free to listen to it while reading this post. That should set the appropriate atmosphere. The music is the original music from the 1994 version of the computer game Doom II.

The other month Raist was writing about the Ravenloft Board Game. That got me thinking about the Doom board game. I’ve had my eye on it for a couple of years. However, it’s initial price point of $70, when it was even in stock on Amazon, was more risk than I was comfortable with. In the last 6 months it had come down to just under $60 and I was starting to think a bit more seriously about it. Still, $60 for an unknown game is just not something I could pull the trigger on.

Then Prime Day on Amazon happened in mid-October. I got some deals on things I actually needed and had about 20 dollars of rewards to use up. I was checking the Doom Board Game and it had dropped to just under $50. So I pulled that trigger! BOOM Got myself a big box of game for $30. That’s what I call Yankee Ingenuity!

I also was able, with the magic of amazon rewards, to buy the foam insert to keep all the pieces nicely organized. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Of course, with all the pieces being the same plastic’y color, you know that means at some point I’m going to have to color them. If I do decide to go full on miniature painting, then you can expect updates as I grumble, complain and generally moan at learning a new hobby. And I’ll be bugging Scent of a Gamer for sure! Since I’m not playing Magic anymore, I do have a tiny slice of an opening for a new hobby, right?


I’ve not used the gallery block before, so I’m hoping it turns out ok. The purple thing next to some of the mini’s is a thumb drive, for size comparison.

If I do start painting, I’ll be creating a new category along with Reviews, Movies, Food, Music and Uncategorized. I shall call it “Miniatures”. I expect it to fill up as quickly as the “Music” Category. Ha.

62 thoughts on “Bookstooge is Doomed!

        1. Speaking of replicating films with games…

          Mrs B got a Princess Bride boardgame for Christmas and we played some of it last night over at my brother’s place. His wife is a huge board gamer and she gamely led the charge to try a new game. It was a lot of fun and really made you feel like you were in the movie. It was a cooperative game too, which is good because both me and the sister-in-law are pretty competitive and I’ve not played games with her a lot because I value my brothers friendship, hahahahaa.

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            1. My brother is willing, once I get the rules down. But he doesn’t want to sit through me frantically flipping through the rules book trying to figure out what to do next 😀
              And Mrs B and the SIL have no interest…..

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                  1. Will do man. Thanks. Also interested to see how you like the boardgame. I missed the first two doom games but played 3 and the expansion when it came out in the 2000s somewhere. Missed 2016 and this years entries, but have heard the music so far, it sounds like i missed quite the party

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                    1. I was looking at the price for a ps4 funily enough last night, and while i can afford one at the moment, the justification behind buying one and our current lockdown and once again being jobless for a while outweighs the buying urge for me. I am still having fun with my brother in law’s PS 3

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                    2. Thankyou for looking. I guess I’m interested in the new 2016 version. Which means at least a ps4 I’m guessing. I’m not going to buy a whole gaming console for just one game, hahahahaaa 😀

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    1. Hahahaa. You know what is funny? Mrs B got a Princess Bride boardgame for Christmas and it has figures for the main characters and each one is already in a different color. She was bemoaning that fact because she wanted to color them individually. It made me laugh 😀

      I’ve looked up youtube channels of people painting these. and I think I saw one ebay offering and the person wanted $400 for his set of painted minis. After digging about, I suspect I’ll end up using fine and ultra fine sharpie markers meant for plastic…

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  1. Hahahah I remember when you were having a discussion about the board game on my video game review of the Doom reboot game! Glad to see that your patience was insanely rewarded with this beauty. I’m genuinely surprised by your desire to paint though hahahahah I do hope you’ll be able to somehow appreciate this new hobby! 😀

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    1. 😀 Yeah, your and Raist’s posts were the impetus to get this in gear. Besides, for me, it’s just as much to talk about something as to actually DO anything about it, hahahahaa.

      Don’t be too surprised. I might paint 2 minis and then call it quits 😉 I am really doubting that I’m suddenly going to turn into a mini hobbyist. I’ve followed enough mini’ists and while interesting, it hasn’t clawed at my soul 😀

      Mrs B did get me a pair of glasses that are magnifying glasses with a built in light, which IS going to make things much easier….


        1. I’m thinking about doing a post in January about the various “tools” that I’ll be using. I never would have thought of the glasses on my own, so I’m wicked glad Mrs B got them.
          Things that I’ll never think of on my own, that’s where others come in.


    1. Thanks Jim.
      I’ve decided to go with painting markers. I’m not detail oriented enough, and I simply cannot be, to deal with the use of paints and brushes.
      I’ll probably take a look at the guy though just to see what else I can pickup.


  2. Ooooh, minature painting!
    If you do get into it, I look forward to seeing how it goes for you and if you like it. It’s a oad of fun when you get going.
    Also look forward to your thoughts on the Doom Boardgame.

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    1. Mrs B got me some magnifying glasses with attached light and I just ordered some fine and ultra fine sharpie markers, so we’ll see what happens.
      I’m definitely sticking with markers. Even if I have to move over to some sort of oil based type.


        1. I will definitely be naming brands and types. And with some amazon gc’s from Christmas, I’m not going to be afraid to splurge. Mrs B will gladly use any for her drawings that don’t work for me.


  3. Hey, no fair! Seriously though, it’s going to be great to see what you come up with on painting these. Excellanto post. I’m all for some diversification on skill set. Yeeeehaw. 🤠

    As far as the game music, that’s interesting as well, their methods for composure back in the day. . .

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    1. Yep, without Magic, I need something to fill the void besides more books 😉

      I never actually listened to the music when I played very much, because it distracted me from being able to hear the baddies around a corner or something. I think they were limited by space as much as anything. This game originally came out on 3.5disks….

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        1. I managed to get my first computer as a dx2-66. I thought about upgrading the chip to a dx4-75 but when the 10mb harddrive died, well, all my money went towards the monster 500mb harddrive that was SURE to last me for the rest of my life. Hahahahaha, the innocence of youth, right? 😉

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  4. First of all, DOOM music is awesome. And second, I don’t play tabletop but I do paint minis! Well, not so much these days because of time, but I still have a whole drawer full that I plan on getting back to. You should give it a try! It definitely takes a lot of patience (and steady hands, lol) but I find it fun and very relaxing.

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