Joly Jalapenos, Tabasco Man!

In November, I was the unwelcome recipient of 1500 spam comments. I had emptied my trash at the beginning of the month, and as you can see in the picture below, that is what has accumulated over the bleeding month. I realize the picture is a little small, but that is a 1.5K that the star is around.

99.9% of it is that bloody spanish spam bot asking to login. Whoever created that is going to burn in hell! but don’t worry, they’ll be right next to the person who created automated robocalls at 9pm. Grrrrrrr.

Thanks. Just needed to vent for a second there. * deep breath * I am relaxed and in control. Psychic Grandma is not haunting me. I will win the lottery next week. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm

Of course, relaxed or not, if I ever meet the person who created that bot, their face is going to meet my T200 Iron quicker than you can spit.

This sounds like a job for …. Tabasco Man! With his ultra-secure condiment belt, hotsauce is within reach at a moment’s notice. Cayenne pepper is going straight into the eyes of that bot’s creator! Stick a couple of spatulas up their nose and then pull their tongue out with the salad tongues. No longer do us solid, dependable citizens of the blogosphere need fear the Spanish Spam Bot! Hurray for Tabasco Man, My Hero!

Just to clear, I am NOT Tabasco Man. He might just be the most dashing, the most intelligent, the most handsome and buffest hero the world has ever known, but that in no ways means he is me. It is simply a coincidence that all those descriptions fit both of us. On Psychic Grandma’s honor….

44 thoughts on “Joly Jalapenos, Tabasco Man!

                    1. I don’t know. “Red Wave” seems a bit close to Commie Pinko’s for my comfort. Considering my stance on that issue, I might end up having to off myself. Last time I shot myself because another blogger revealed I was a secret communist, it took me forever to get back up to snuff. I’d like to avoid that situation again if I could.

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    1. Eh, if I started in on everyone who had annoyed me, I probably never would have gotten the post written, hahahahahaahaha!
      But don’t worry, I do plan on writing about the block editor in my Yearly Wrapup at the end of the month. It’s too big an issue to ignore 😦

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  1. Well, if he can trace down the milk man who messed up the homebase JetPack for the whole world, I’d like to see a good face smashing, as well!!


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      1. If feel even stronger if my face wasn’t buried in this hilarious book I’m reading. Although I saw a hint of blasphemy, so, yeah . . . probably not a road for the exhualted’s pile. 🤠

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    1. Thankfully, I don’t get the sex ones, but those “Thanks” ones definitely slip on through.
      However, I am not at the point where I’m willing to cut out non-WP commentors just to get rid of comments like that.

      maybe once I get famous and get 100 likes on every post 😉

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          1. Funny you say that … there’s a blogger who only seems to post blog posts begging for money so we can ‘continue to enjoy the content he puts out’ or to pay for his medical bills. It was funny at first but now it’s just kind of embarrassing.

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  2. Spammers do indeed deserve every punishment the Tabasco Man can think of, be they besieging our blogs or calling at ungodly hours on the phone! Lately I’ve noticed a new kind of spam message on my blog: the sender writes a post in which he/she/it speaks of disappointment in the targeted post and sneers on the “whining” contained in it – if it’s a ruse to force me to reply, they have no idea who they’re messing with! 😀 😀

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