November ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Books – 16

Pages – 5964

Words – 2117.5K (2.1million)

Average Rating – 3.37

The Bad:

Rosemary & Rue – 1Star

Blackwing – 1Star

The Good:

The Private Life of Elder Things – 4Stars

King John – 4Stars

Miscellaneous Posts:


This month was all over the place. Blogwise, stats were fantastic. This was the best month I’ve ever had in terms of views, likes, comments, etc.

Of course, WordPress ruins it by forcing me to double dip in terms of liking people’s comments. Then today I just started having issues with controlling my spam comments. I had one phrase that would throw any comment straight into the trash. Well, WP deleted that and now whenever I try to add it back, my settings won’t save. I’ve cleared my cache and tried Chrome, Edge AND firefox. Since I’m still banned on the forums, I can’t ask for help. I swear, I’m this close to calling it quits, good numbers or not!

Then you had the real life side of things. From bad work weeks to all the political crap flooding everything to escalation of the covid scare, it felt like this month was all about “killing, stealing and destroying”. That was overwhelming.

Cover Love:

I have to admit, when I saw the cover for the Copper Assassin, I was sure that was going to be the Cover Love choice of the month. And I was NOT wrong! Yum, yum, yum!

Plans for Next Month:

Having skipped the movie review for this month, I want to make sure to get one in for December. I’m about 99% sure it will be The Muppets Christmas Carol. That seems about the level of “Movieocracy” that I can take right now.

Other than that, it should be business as usual. I suspect a lot of my time in December will be spent planning and writing up stuff for the Year in Review post and seeing what I want to do for 2021.

30 thoughts on “November ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. Cannot wait to read a proper critical analysis of Muppets Christmas Carol, Michael Caine at his best in this one…

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  2. savageddt says:

    Hope December will work out well for you. Hope that the people at WP can see the damadge they are doing to us casual-, even frequent bloggers. It will be a sad day to see you step away from it. As for killing, stealing this month, you forgot to mention all the deceiving lies doing the rounds. Your cover of the month looks great👍🏻. Stay safe my friend.

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  3. Im Very excited for your Muppets Christmas Carol post!!

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    • Bookstooge says:

      For some reason I was 100% sure we owned it. when I went to look for it the other day it turns out we only have Muppet Treasure Island and the Great Muppet Caper. I’m ordering Christmas Carol right now!

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  4. Muppets always make things happier. Apart from bad muppets of course.

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  5. Classic Muppets are always a good bet.

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  6. Hopefully now the election is over and there’s a vaccine on the way, those aspects of day to day misery can slowly fizzle out.

    WordPress messed with my spam stuff a while back. Essentially anything Piotrek wrote got sent into my spam filter. Had the poor guy getting in touch via the contact form. Seen it happening to a few others as well. I have also noticed that, if you group images together when inserting them, it absolutely ruins the post for mobile users. It’s totally fine for desktop users, but it kind of makes the WordPress app pointless for certain posts. Literally had to go and put all my covers in individually for tomorrow’s monthly wrap-up post just so mobile users can actually read the post without having a mental shut down.

    So yea, WordPress tried to fix what wasn’t broken … and broke it.


    That cover for the Copper Assassin … gorgeous.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      While I won’t take the vaccine, for all those people who are really worried, I am glad it is on the horizon.

      Good to know I”m not the only one WP is messing with. They really seem to be screwing things up, for no reason whatsoever, sigh.

      Isn’t the cover great? I wish I had taken the time to investigate who the cover artist was. I need to do better at that 🙂

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  7. BrokenTune says:

    A review of the Muppets Christmas Carol? Oh, man, I can hardly wait!

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  8. I’m definitely watching Muppet’s Christmas Carol this year. We just got Disney Plus and it’s on there. 🙂

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  9. I haven’t seen that Muppets movie but I can see myself taking the risk and indulging it in the near future. I have to think about what new “Christmas” movie I want to check out this month too now hahah Hope December proves to be a great month for you! 🙂

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  10. Well, another month down, and I can’t wait until 2020 is behind us. Not that I think any of the problems you mentioned will be going away any time soon though, not when we have a media more interested in driving sensation and hysteria than reporting news. And sounds like WordPress is gonnaa WordPress, fixing things that ain’t broke 😛

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Ahhhhh, sometimes I wonder how we all keep going.
      I do have an email thing going with the automakic people but it is so slow. One response every 24’ish hours. Hopefully it will get taken care off though.


  11. bormgans says:

    The million dollar question: what was that phrase?

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  12. WordPress is certainly giving you the evil eye! Hang in there, and – maybe – seek the help of a good wizard! 😉

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  13. Ola G says:

    Looks like a great month, reading-wise. WP remains a pain, no doubt about it – but I don’t think it will magically get better in 2021, unfortunately.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I emailed WP about the disallowed comments box not working and they pretty much said “yeah, it’s not working, we’ll fix it. sometime”. What a bunch of scumbag dirtsuckers.

      They seem to be breaking things left and right without rhyme or reason 😦

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  14. WordPress are Scrooge on a whole new level aren’t they. Usually I blog tons in December but Blogger sucked that right out of me this year and I’m only doing posts I need to do rather than what I want to do. It’s been one of those years all in all.

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