[Masters of Ironing] Soothing the Savage Beast

It has been said that music can tame the savage beast, without or within. Probably whoever said that was famous and wouldn’t know a savage beast if it bit them on the backside. Here at Masters of Ironing, we know better.

Let put this “hypothetical” question to you. If you were running through the Streets of Amsterdam and a lion was chasing you, would you rather have a tiny little flute in your hand or piping hot 5lb iron, preferably the good old T200 version?

Remember the Old Wise Ironing Adage: “A hot iron in hand is worth two lions in the bush“.

Forget not this precept my children and you will live a long and prosperous life.

14 thoughts on “[Masters of Ironing] Soothing the Savage Beast

  1. Big cats are dangerous, but a little pussy never hurt anybody.

    I’ve tried to play the flute, but alas, I ain’t really got the knack. It would probably just enrage the beast that much more. I’ll take the blistering hot chunk of steel, please.

    Speaking of Beasts, you can’t tame that band because the drummer is an ANIMAL!

    My ironing board is currently in use as a starship control console. More to come….

    Happy Trails and Happy Ironing!

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    1. Yep, play a squeaky note on the flue and it would just eat you that much faster!

      I did think about having title be “Soothing the Savage Animal” but it just didn’t fit quite so well. Glad you picked up on the intent though 😀

      Well, at least you are USING your ironing board. More than I can say, hahahahaa.

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  2. Ah, but a specially crafted flute would do quite nice in a battle against evil! Now, if I have to chose between a piping hot iron and a “tiny little flute”, as you put it, I would chose the piping hot iron. But, if I may carefully chose and perhaps modify my “tiny little flute”, it may very well be a bit more cunning than the iron! 😜 If my flute can properly deliver random chortles in addition to being somewhat of a sharp over-sized straw, I think it would do nicely!

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