The First Thanksgiving in the 1620’s in New England

Today is the day that Americans are supposed to give Thanks to God for the many blessings they have received over the past year, whether they deserved them or not. In this day and age of Commercialism, Covid19, Uncertainty and Fear, it is all the more important.

If you haven’t figured it out yet (or read my About page), I’m a committed Christian. In this context, it means that I’m specifically giving thanks to God and not just having the warm fuzzies while making general “thankful” noises to the universe at large.

Without Further Ado, I am thankful for:

Mrs Bookstooge! What a surprise, right? But seriously, without my wife my life would be so much harder, so much tougher, that I don’t contemplate it. Someday I’ll write up a post for how we met. It wouldn’t have happened without God’s intervention, that is for sure.

Work. You’ll notice there is a “Boo” in that pix. That’s how I feel about work sometimes. But at the exact same time I am thankful for it. I enjoy my work, for the most part (you all just tend to hear the bad stuff) and because of it we live comfortably. We’re not millionaires or even hundred-thousandaires, but all of our financial needs have been met this year and we don’t take that for granted. Because there have been years where work was scarce as gold.

Our Families. The majority of our families live far enough away that it takes something special for us to get together. Both Mrs B and I appreciate that our parents brought us up as Christians and continue to have a strong walk with God themselves.

Our Hobbies. While blogging isn’t on the above list, it should be. Thankfully, reading is. We’re both big readers and we appreciate that the other one understands. We’re both happiest sitting on the couch or lying in bed, reading next to each other.

Church. This year especially we’ve been very thankful for our church and church family. The leadership team has been committed to keep us meeting in person but also providing ways for those who don’t feel comfortable to see and hear the sermons live online. They have also made it a special point to use this time to bring us together as brothers and sisters in Christ instead of allowing things like wearing or not wearing a mask to divide us. It takes real wisdom to navigate those channels, especially when people feel very strongly on both sides of the issues. I don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t go to church for an extended period of time.

I think that is enough for now. God bless you all and may you find Peace in Christ Jesus.

44 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanks giving man. You are an inspiration to a lot of people out there, even to some one like me. Thanksgiving was never a thing that crossed over to SA as it was only starting when the Dutch set foot on land in 1652

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      1. I‘m seriously impressed with your stamina. And am taking you as my example while I‘m doing the same thing on my new blog, out of sight of prying eyes … or rather, out of sight of followers who might be confused into believing this onslaught of verbiage and photos to be a recent one!

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        1. Yeah, if there was some way to get my old reviews up without sending out the emails, I’d do it in a second. I think the only way to achieve that is with one of the paid plans and there is NO WAY I’m paying wordpress money at this point.

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          1. Not even then, perhaps, as WP Reader (hence, probably also the email functionality) seems to be cued to the moment when you actually hit “publish“, not the publication date — and it‘s an automatic setting, so even disabling emails probably doesn‘t entirely keep it from happening, it just limits the effect to the Reader.

            I‘m not using a WP paid plan, btw, so I at least am not directly paying them … even though there undoubtedly is some consideration involved in my hosting service‘s making WP editing available to their users. But the idea that it‘s part and parcel of a mutually beneficial arrangement makes it somewhat more palatable … and using a service outside of WP also means that a good part of the trouble shooting assistance (if / when needed) is handled by somebody else‘s customer service. (Haven‘t needed it yet, but I hope if ever I do, the experience won‘t be entirely abysmal. At least you actually get to talk to a real person …)

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    1. Hahahahaa. Much like myself, Mrs B chose a picture that she felt represented her the best without actually being her.
      With our secret agent level of lifestyle, we have to do whatever we can to protect our identities.

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      1. Cool, there’s lots of unscrupulous cartton characters out there keen to marry into the echelons of real people, thought you might have been fooled. You’d have to be wary of, for example, anyone who used Jessica Rabbit as an avatar…

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        1. Hahahahaha! I swear, we ARE twins separated by Psychic Grandma. I thought the exact thing about certain other avatars, but didn’t say anything. I guess watching all those movies has given you a real thick skin 😀

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

    “Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have.” — Catherine Pulsifer

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