WordPress is Forcing Me to Double Dip (and that is disgusting and gross)

Starting sometime this week, possible last weekend, WordPress.com began forcing me to double dip. Double Dip on “likes” that is. Every time that I have “liked” a comment, whether on my own posts or on someone else’s, after about 30-45seconds, it magically “unlikes” and I have to hit the “like” button again for it to stick. How unhygienic and disgusting is that?

I might as well be making out with Corona-chan! And here I thought WordPress had the best interest of their users at heart. I mean, if they forced the block editor on us because they knew better, I’m really surprised they aren’t embarrassed to be encouraging such behavior during this time of pandemic’ness. Shame on you WordPress; I claim the Dishonor Meme against you!

I am doing my part though. Washing my hands between double dipping AND I’m wearing a mask. So don’t worry, those “likes” from me are completely hygienic and totally covid-free. No thanks to WordPress though. I’d go protest peacefully by burning down a few cities but honestly, I’ve got a Wild Mike’s pizza just waiting for me. Ohhh baaaaaby…….

71 thoughts on “WordPress is Forcing Me to Double Dip (and that is disgusting and gross)

  1. There is no excuse for double dipping, never! 😉 For what it’s worth, I only received one like notification on my comment to your latest WoT review, so if you liked it twice, one of them didn’t trigger the usual notification activities. The notification I received came about one minute before you replied.

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    1. Yeah, that is the weird thing. People don’t get notified twice. It is like the first one simply doesn’t exist. I’ve cleared my browser too. I’ll probably try another browser soon to see if it is a chrome/wordpress thing or what.

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  2. Ive had this problem for a while now where i normally like and comment while either using the pc or my mobile, only to see same post not liked by me anymore when switching back to a different device. My comments do stay on, if they dont go towards someone’s spam. But if i remember that ive read through the post and commented i tend to not double dip. Regarding ye olde WP, guys should really get their shit fixed, 2020 has been tough enough.

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        1. I am officially Likng this comment using the Microsoft Edge Browser. And my “like” just disappeared while I typed this. Which means it is a bloody WP thing and not a Chrome thing like I was hoping. Because I could figure out and fix a chrome thing.

          As for officially certified, I’ll have to have Mrs B re-count with witnesses.

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          1. Microsoft Edge browser? Famously problematic. Not a fan of Chrome either. Using Firefox and having to restart without add-ons every time due to last week’s ongoing data mosh. I nominate fraggle and Raist to witness, less than two meters from the recount, please! And make is snappy, giving a press conference later…

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            1. I know, right? Edge is worse than chrome imo.
              I gave up on firefox a while ago when I realized they weren’t really any better than chrome and I was tired of poofing around trying to make things work the way I wanted them too. So now I’m a chrome-dome.

              I will take your nominations seriously and give them the attention and care they truly deserve. Knowing an accurate “Like” count is very important to this Administration!

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                    1. No sacrifice is too great for our great Movieocracy. The Movement was go on!
                      I do admit though, it would be MUCH easier if someone were doing the sacrificing and getting THEIR head cut off. Just sayin….

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                    2. This office is now closed. If you have any concerns relating to your missing head, please contact your service provider. No further correspondence can be entered into without a signed and dated letter from your local community college.

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                    3. Well, without my head and eyeballs, I can’t use the retina scanner to pay, so jokes on you. I’m no paying a dime until I get my head back.
                      And if I have to chase down the Chevster, I’ll do it, I’m warning you, I really will.

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                    4. What kind of minority report future are you living in? You pay with a retinal scanner? You’re bluffing! Take it up with the college dean when the office reopens in Feb. A Mr C Chase if I remember correctly…

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                    5. Well, we’ll just see who’s bluffing when February rolls around.

                      Waaaaaaait a second, did Psychic Grandma put you up to all of this? This seems to have her ghostly fingerprints ALL OVER IT!!!!

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  3. It was due time for another showtime of „Hating WP“. Thanks for this installation!
    I don’t see this behavior at all. I‘m using the iPhone App, so maybe it has to do with the end device?

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    1. No problem! Tune into HateOnWP.com each week for more quality rants straight from the horses behind 😀

      I have this feeling it is a chrome/wp thing. I’ve had issues with chrome before, but it’s always cleared up with a cache flush. Not this time though.


  4. I usually have that problem when I’m reading/liking posts on my smartphone, who I guess is not so smart😅😊
    I don’t have this problem at all when I’m on my ipad as I am now while I’m writing this comment. So…no double dipping for me….🤔😊

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  5. I thought I was the only with this problem. I tried contacting the team as well about this but they were quite unhelpful so I’ve just stopped reading as many posts as I used to because it was annoying to have to open the app EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. :-/

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    1. I now have a “system”. I click the like button on someone’s comment in my notification area, then reply and when I’m done commenting, I hit the like button button and voila, it stays.

      It does only seem to happen through the notification area. If I go to a site actual, then no issues. Sigh….


    1. I tell you, things just seem to falling apart ever since they moved to the block editor. Makes me wonder how long before they toss that and make us learn yet another editor 😦


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