Currently Reading & “Quote”: Blackwing

I am currently reading Blackwing, the first book in the Raven’s Mark series by Ed McDonald. The following isn’t an exact quote, but I feel it gets my point across slightly better this way.

(2 characters randomly meet on a street)
Fuck you!
No, fuck you!
Well, fuck you for your fuck you.
I don’t give a fuck about your fuck you, so fuck off.
If you fucking think I give a fuck about your fucking fuck off, then fuck you.
Fuck you!

This book is getting the profanity tag for sure! I won’t be continuing the series after this book and I have this creeping feeling that this is going to turn into a DNF book.

Since these posts are a place for me to kind of talk about things not directly review related, this year has seemed like I’ve read a lot more books on other bloggers’ recommendation (not personally to me, but just in a review) that have turned out to be real stinkers. Most of them I had already avoided due to my gut but I let myself be convinced my gut was wrong. Only to find out my gut had been right all along. I certainly don’t hold the other bloggers responsible, not at all. They didn’t put a gun to my head and scream “Read this book or I’ll pull the trigger, I swear I will!” I chose to read the books.

What I am learning is that I need to listen to my gut more. I guess I’m the literary equivalent of the Rogue Lone Agent who does things his own way and gets results. * poses in sunglasses * It’s either that or I’m the evil villain convinced of the righteousness of his cause, no matter the cost. If I am the villain, then I’m going to buy myself a cosmic horror tentacle monster. ALL the cool villains have them you know.

32 thoughts on “Currently Reading & “Quote”: Blackwing

  1. I’ve been beeping out my quoted profanities to spare any antagonism, just to make life easier; sounds like you’d have a full time job censoring this one…

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  2. I’m not a prude about language and I use plenty of the bad stuff when I get cross, but I hate pointless verbals in my books. If there is a point being made about having just been startled, scared, upset etc fair enough but when it comes to passages about characters going to the effing shops to get a mf newspaper, I’m done!

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  3. Darren Jones says:

    I got enough of the pointless profanities when I was in high school. Since then, I’ve always worked in professional environments (nonprofits, law firms) where that type of language is rare. Which makes it all the more effective when it is used. Seems like some authors need to get out of the high school mode 🙂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      For some reason, I keep forgetting that you weren’t homeschooled for highschool. I just imagined your “teacher” swearing up a blue streak and Mrs Paige (? I can’t remember if it was her or some other older lady) banging on on the piano downstairs to cover it up 😀

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  4. I have sometimes been disappointed by books I’ve read due to another’s review, but also had the odd great read because of it, but on the whole go my own way in finding books. Profanity can have it’s place, but too much of it is lazy on the part of the author and galling to the brain of the reader.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      A lot of the people I follow tend to read either a lot of new releases from netgalley (who can turn down free books after all?) or are reading older stuff that I’m already familiar with. Plus, just being cantankerous doesn’t help 😀

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  5. savageddt says:

    I swear a lot, i now swear in 3 langauges… that quote tho… I dont think i need to pick up this series either… thank you for taking one for the team. Glad that Gaunt has been a good one so far. If it only ever stays with Gaunt and my recommends, i can die a happy man…

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  6. Wakizashi says:

    😂🤣😂 That opening “quote” is classic! What a way to start my day, (currently 06:20 in Japan)🙂. Like others have already said, I really dislike unnecessary swearing in all media. It usually takes me right out of the story.

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  7. Ola G says:

    Ah, I was expecting this might not be a book for you – so even though I really enjoyed it i totally get why it’s not a book for everyone 😉
    Hope you’ll get last the stinkers and find a 5 star book soon!

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  8. Baby Cthuhu is just as adorable as Baby Yoda… 😀

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  9. I know how you feel. I’ve read a few that I saw people rave about that just didn’t hit the sweet spot for me. Priory of the Orange Tree for example. Seems to be universally loved, but I think it’s my only 1 star read of the year.

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  10. Aw man, that stinks. At least you now know that your gut is your best judge going forward. Hope you’ll pick up something better for you soon after this one, if not already.

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  11. jalaubacker says:

    I appreciate you reading and at least considering my reviews, but you have to go with your gut! I think I must mentally edit out the profanity, I don’t use it myself, but can usually read past it.

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