Psychic Grandma Rides Again!

There I was, trapped in Beggar’s Canyon. Mexican Desperadoes to the South of me, Canadian Mounties closing in on the North, Texas Rangers riding in on the West and that dratted Pinkerton Agent to the East.

Suddenly, I hear a sound of neighing and a faint echo reverberating throughout the hills “Hey Ho Silver!” I was saved! Then my heart sank and I began to quake in my boots, for I heard the ghostly clank of etheral chains. Only one entity that I knew of rode a Silver horse with Ghostly Chains, yes, the dreaded Psychic Grandma!

I began to pray that Johnny English would arrive first and arrest me. I’d much rather listen to him drone on about soft cheeses than deal with Psychic Grandma berate me for being a second class outlaw.

And with that, I believe I have ridden the Psychic Grandma schtick into the ground. Adios pardners!

39 thoughts on “Psychic Grandma Rides Again!

    1. I think that horse is just a poorly taken still shot from the old Lone Ranger tv series. Now that I say that though, I think that was in black and white. Hmmmmm.

      And I have decided to become a Freedom Fighter against the Tyranny of Psychic Grandma’s everywhere. We may be outnumbered, outgunned, even out-everything’d, but we’ve got GUTS and that’s all you need for an epic made for tv movie!

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  1. I’d check out that Pinkerton fellow. Seems shifty at best packing loads of goon squad, Psychic Grandmas. I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. 🤠

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    1. I enjoyed the first 2 Johnny English movies. I haven’t gotten around to watching the 3rd, but sadly, I haven’t heard anything good about it. That won’t stop me though, as Mr Bean as an inept spy is just too funny to ignore.

      As I mentioned to Ol’ 10, I’m going to start a Freedom Fighter group to fight off Psychic Grandma’s the world over. NOW is the time to get in on the ground floor of this fantastic chance. It’ll never be cheaper. and because you’re the first guy I’m offering it to, you get the introductory $9.99 price! What a deal, but don’t wait, it won’t last forever (unlike the War against Psychic Grandma)

      (I’m pretty jazzed on caffeine at the moment, just in case you couldn’t tell 🙂 )


    1. Most of this came from Ol’10 (that would be 10Secondsfromnow to everyone else) and my’s rapid fire conversations that tend to cross our blogs and even our posts. She came onto the scene to explain how 2 people separated by such distance could think so similarly. Now, she’s got a life of her own and pretty much terrorizes me by being undefeatable no matter how I think to put an end to her.

      Which obviously, is a lot to explain, hahahahahahahaa 😀

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