The Copper Assassin (Tales of Wyverna #1) ★★★☆☆

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Title: The Copper Assassin
Series: Tales of Wyverna #1
Author: Madolyn Rogers
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 238
Words: 88K


Gorbo Oribul, a young rich spoiled youngling of a semi-important house, has too much time on his hands. When the pleasures that keep his peers occupied begin to pale for him, he starts looking elsewhere. When an assignation with a water wizards leads him to overhearing of a plot to destroy the ruler of the city of Wyvernia, Gorbo starts down a path he can never turn back from.

Having found out that an unstoppable magical construct, known as the Copper Assassin, has been recovered from a city that destroyed itself using the Assassin, Gorbo must figure out how to stop the assassin from killing the Warlord and plunging Wyvernia into civil war and utter ruin.

Overcoming many odds, picking up a magical spider sidekick, making his way through magical obstacles, Gorbo is able to warn the Warlord. She in turns uses the confusion of events to take down the usurper, control the construct and recruit Gorbo into her ranks.

The book ends with Gorbo realizing he’s entered a phase of life that he desperately wants to escape from. The problem is the only way to escape is to go deeper into the system setup by the Warlord.

My Thoughts:

This was an “ok” read. I have a bad feeling I’m reaching that stage of life where I’m starting to see more and more of “read that, been there”. This had some cool ideas and while the world building was a bit rough nothing in it turned me off. But it just felt like I’ve read it all before.

I’m going to lump all my negatives in one paragraph, just so it doesn’t seem I’m doing nothing but ragging on this book. First off, Gorbo gets break after break and it really bothered me. Plus, at 18 he’s preternaturally wise. Then there was this couple of sentences and one in particular really bothered me:

Gorgo prowled forward, nerves on edge. No sound startled him, no shadow moved, yet the frozen deathliness of that place only frayed his nerves more. The view around him never changed. The icy glob of light never neared. Hairs prickled along the back of his neck, and sweat chilled his skin.

Can you pick out the offending sentence? I asked Mrs B, our household’s resident holder of a Bachelors English Lit degree and she said it was technically correct. It felt like fingernails on a chalkboard to me though. Finally, the Copper Assassin is described as a female even when in construct form. I’m including a high res cover at the end of this review because it is so awesome. Does that look in anyway what you’d describe as female? Nothing in the book description led me to the conclusion that it was female and while covers usually lie their backsides off, I’m still choosing to say the cover adequately shows the Copper Assassin.

Most of the good stuff was more like “not bad” stuff. For an indie book, I noticed no errors nor did the writing throw me out of the story. Gorbo (Mr Gorbo, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL! Hahahahahhahaa) was fleshed out enough as a character that he had zero cardboard attached to him. He wasn’t an idea of a character but WAS a character. Sometimes indies seem to have problems with that, but not here thankfully. The little magical spider was a good touch and wasn’t the least bit creepy.

To end, if there had been more books immediately available (this was released this past March I believe) I would have read them. As it is, I’ll wait a couple of years to see what else Mrs Rogers produces in this series. Hopefully I’ll remember :-/

I’d like to thank Off the TBR for bringing this book to my attention. He showcased it in a Book Haul and the cover immediately caught my eye. I don’t think he’s reviewed it but I couldn’t find any way to search his site to confirm one way or another.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

34 thoughts on “The Copper Assassin (Tales of Wyverna #1) ★★★☆☆

  1. I have a bad feeling I’m reaching that stage of life where I’m starting to see more and more of “read that, been there”….I know right? I have that same problem. I think in general it’s getting harder and harder to come up with original ideas. There are so many books out there now, that it’s hard to come up with a story that hasn’t been done yet in some form or other. Still sometimes an “ok” read is still fun. And that cover is seriously cool!😊 Great post!

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  2. I remember seeing someone having reviewed this and the cover was what caught my attention the most too hahaha I guess the only indication of this Copper Assassin being a woman is the thinner waist and bustier front??? Then again, I agree. It could’ve been a man for all I know hahah

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      1. I edited the nose comment; perfect physical examples like you and I, regular Mr Universe winners, might have no experince of this, but I figured that it might read as a body-shame to anyone not familiar with our classy badinage…

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        1. Gotcha. And no worries.
          There are times I forget that others read your blog. Sometimes I’m narcissistic that way. And just because the universe DOES revolve around our conversations, that doesn’t mean that everybody else realizes it.

          I feel pretty bad for everyone else! 😉


          1. I’m pretty sure that the world does revolve around our conversations. And your comment made me laugh. But that review and comments will be seen by the film-makers, PR people, programmers and all sorts, and it’s asking a lot for them to get up to speed on our phenomenal repartee…

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            1. At some point I’ll remember that this isn’t just your personal movie blog.

              I’ll try to wear my tux more often when I comment. If it’s at the cleaner though, is it ok if I go with suspenders and bow tie?

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                    1. That’s what I keep telling everyone, but sadly, their little minds just can’t grasp such a macho concept.

                      maybe if Dwayne Johnson (or however you spell his name) wore suspenders in a movie others could grasp a little bit of what I’m trying to get across. Oh well…

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  3. When one reads as much as we book bloggers do, it’s inevitable to fall prey to the Been There, Done That Syndrome (and get the T-shirt as well..), but in this case it would seem that the book proved to be a nice read, and in the end that’s all that matters, isn’t it?
    As for the cover – which is amazing – I fail to see the femininity of the central figure, unless one takes the wasp-thin waist into account… 😀

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