To Iron or Not To Iron, That is NOT the Question!

For today’s Inspirational Ironing from the Heart, we will look into something that almost all Ironing Novices and even many Masters, forget.

In the opening picture Kenneth Branagh is making Hamlet’s famous speech “Alas, Poor Iron, I knew it well!” As you can see, back in Shakespeare’s day they didn’t even have the technology for a T200 Iron. The poor souls. But did that stop them from ironing? Do you really think Shakespeare showed up to the Globe without having had his minions carefully press his doublet and pantaloons? They just had to get creative with what they used, like a skull for instance. Heat that baby up and you have yourself a nice, organic, renewable, reusable iron. I’d say Shakespeare was ahead of his day in terms of recycling!

What Shakespeare knew, but didn’t share because he was a git, was that a True Master of Ironing doesn’t even need an iron. A True Master of Ironing has no use for an iron, not even the venerable and much venerated T200.

Simply think it and thus it will be. As Grand Master Yoda states:

For my ally is the Iron, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Iron around you; here, between you, me, the cupboard, the garage, everywhere, yes. Even between the ironing board and the clothes.

While there are more Irons in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our Philosophy, dear reader, remember, There Are No Irons. This true saying will keep you on the path of a Master of Ironing and from straying into the dark realms of Cool Ironing, Beware the Cool Side!

39 thoughts on “To Iron or Not To Iron, That is NOT the Question!

  1. I already commented my heartbreaking thoughts on your original post, but…I just can’t help but stop myself and become even more motivated by reading this again. I only wish to be as strong as you and Grand Master Yoda. Iron within, and Iron without! 😭😭😭😭😭

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  2. For me, Rian Johnson didn’t go far enough in revealing the hidden ironing subtext in The Last Jedi; it’s not enough just to have a giant iron fill the screen, we need to break taboos and have the characters talk about ironing, and laundry generally. I’m tired of these token efforts, big name director who promise to make ironing the centre of their cinematic universe, and then leave us hanging. I’m hoping Josh Trank’s Rebel Alliance Ironing Masters; The Emperor’s Dry Cleaning will redress the balance, but I’ve been burned before…

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    1. I am afraid the whole Star Wars franchise is dead to me. Because you are right, they simply skirt around the issue without actually delving into it. Ironing needs to be front and center on the world stage, not relegated to a few blogs here and there.

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        1. Adding it retroactively feels like someone spitting on me. Or “pity” friendship.

          I think until they show an Iron Star Destroyer and Darth Ironus facing off against the Jedi Master Hot Iron, I’m out too. I will NOT be disrespected by tokenism….

          (or tokes for that that matter!)

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  3. “Like a leaf iron, it sits in an open, unfound door. Waiting not only hold unbound possibilities for leaf flattening, but also the leaf does not care if you burn it. Your pantaloons will.” -The lost leaf iron archives.

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        1. You don’t want a skull iron, trust me. What you want is a classic T200 iron. And have I got a deal for you. I only have one left, that my psychic grandma left to me, but for such an earnest young ironer as yourself, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me selling it to you, AT COST. What a deal, eh?

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          1. Oh no no no, with all due respect, I do remember your post concerning your psychic grandma 😛
            Have you inherited her powers, perchance? If so, forget about the skull deal either 😉

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  4. I hear legends, and my fogged memory seems to indicate it might have been so, that in the long gone days before the Home Office era of 2020, people used to dress up for work and even had this strange, hot devices that ironed their clothes and occasionally caused fires.

    It might be true, but I doubt we’ll ever get back to that strange custom…

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