Why I’m Working on the Blog

When I’ve posted about the fact that I am Working on the Blog, I didn’t think of some of the smaller reasons that have recently come to my attention. The following is one of the unexpected benefits of doing this fiddly kind of work.

I keep my reviews in a program on my computer called Calibre. It’s an ebook manager but has the capability of being a database for reviews. Instead of just using a spreadsheet, I use calibre so I can include covers, etc. Anyway, today I woke up rather early and decided to get another month from 2007 out of the way, so I began creating reviews. When I do this, I also double check what is on my blog against what I have in my calibre database just to make sure I’ve got the complete picture. 99% of the time they agree. It’s that bleeding 1% you have to worry about 😉

Sure enough, today was a 1%’er of a time. I was putting up the review for Down the Long Hills by Louis L’Amour and was copy/pasting my review and when I checked in calibre, my review there stated “no original review, here’s a blurb”. My guess is that I had a record of reading the book from my time at Devilreads but that the review got lost in the transition to Booklikes and when I tried to search my blog for Down the Long Hills, since it was in a monthly post and not it’s own, it didn’t show up. You wouldn’t believe how many books I’ve read, that are in my monthly posts, that won’t come up in a search. It is one of the reason I’m doing this. This time I was able to update my calibre library with an actual snippet. That is always a good thing.

All of this to pretty much say that today’s been a good day so far and it’s only 5am. It’s either going to turn out to be a great day or a really baaaaad day 😀

Happy Sabbath all.

52 thoughts on “Why I’m Working on the Blog

  1. That’s very organised of you. Carry on 😊

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  2. EVERY day is a good day when reading this blog.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Gotta love your devotion to this, and the hard work you are putting into it. All I can say is job well done, and well as our fellow Master of Iron said: EVERY day is a good day when reading your posts😀

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  4. Yes, I see, The nouvea avant garde’ness really does enrich the experience given one’s bouliabase foundation

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  5. Andreas says:

    I never thought of using Calibre as a review managing tool. I only juggle eBooks with it and don’t have my physical library in it.
    Given my hang for short stories I wonder if and how it would sort them out – relations to several anthologies or to isfdb for example. I guess I‘ll rather use fulltext search at WP.

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  6. I don’t understand what is so unnatural about what that guy is doing.

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  7. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my Goodreads account, where all of my reviews are posted. I guess I would still have all the copies on my blog, but makes me think maybe I should back them up somewhere. Calibre is a good choice.

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  8. Goodreads eats reviews. There are books I know I’ve reviewed on there a few times but the review space is blank. It drives me mad and these are always the few books that I don’t have reviewed on my blog to do a quick copy and paste job! Why does it all have to be so complicated!!!

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  9. It’s nice to hear how good work pays off. What’s the latest you ever woke up in the past years… I feel like 5am is now considered “late” for you!!! 😛

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I’ve actually started wondering what my next “project” is going to be once I’m done catching up on all my old reviews. Thankfully, that is a couple of years away, but for some reason, time just seems to go faster these days 😉

      I think that the latest I ever slept in, without dealing with the night security job, was back in my bible school days. I think I managed noon time once? I’ve always been a morning person though and would be toast by 11pm….

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