“Would You Rather” Tag

From Chuckles at Blogspot. I’ve been doing a few more tag style posts than usual in the last couple of months. They’re so easy.

1) Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

This is a tough one indeed. Well, I’ve always been a morning person and if I couldn’t see the sun anymore, I don’t think I’d want to live. So I guess I’m building myself a cage!


2) Would you rather use magic or technology for an easier life?

How about both? Can I choose Techno-Mage? Sure I can. I’m the one answering these questions! But to be fair, I won’t choose both again. Call this a one time get out of jail free choice 😉


3) Would you rather be invisible or able to fly?

A picture is worth 1000 words.


4) Would you rather have gas or electricity?

Without electricity, no amount of gas in the world will do you any good.  I choose you, turbino! (that’s a very rare pokemon!)


5) Would you rather read fiction or non fiction?

While truth might be stranger than fiction, fiction is definitely a lot more fun to read!


6) Would you rather have sweet or savoury snacks?

Man, these questions are killing me! While I love things like smartfood popcorn and cheeto puffs, I think I love icecream more.  And icecream with cherries is the best!


7) Would you rather have Indian or Italian food?

Spaghetti and sauce with a 1/4lb of grated parmesan cheese, perfecto!


8) Would you rather have a beachside house or a riverside cabin in the woods?

I’m going with a riverside cabin. Beachfront property sounds popular, with a lot of neighbors and stuff. Not a huge fan of that. A river sounds nice and peaceful too.


9) Would you rather visit Asia or Africa?

I’d rather visit Asia. Mrs B likes those tikky sticks and we’d buy like a years supply and take them home. Tikky is like giant pocky sticks.


10) If you could only read one genre for a year, what would it be?

That is an easy one. Fantasy. I already read in that genre so cutting out the extraneous ones for a year wouldn’t be hard at all.


Well, I enjoyed finding the pictures for all of these. Sometimes I think the pictures are just as fun as the actual answers!

bookstooge (Custom)

ps, this is the first post I fully wrote with the new editor and it was enough to drive me to kill someone. While I tried to utilize the classic block, it wouldn’t do what I wanted and kept switching to the paragraph block. If I wasn’t already bald I would have pulled out all of my hair.

59 thoughts on ““Would You Rather” Tag

  1. Ohhh…not looking forward to the new editor!

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Since you are self-hosted, you might be able to avoid the block editor altogether.

      I’ve been reading the thread over on the WordPress forums about it and so far, not many people are “happy” about it or find it easier. I’d really like to hear from someone who is a real blogger who is having a great time with it…

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  2. Mischenko says:

    Whenever I read your tags I’m always amazed with how much we have in common! I saw the werewolf question come up on an author review once and the author chose werewolf because you only have to shapeshift so often (once a month.) Sure does seem painful though! Lol

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  3. I would go for werewolf as well for sure! It seems a lot less annoying, and you can just eat. Imagine never having garlic again 😱

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  4. Will says:

    Ummm not sure Batman’s in that and invisible, I think it might just be a Superman thing. Also I don’t think cheeto puffs are savory… And might I point out that you DO still have eyebrows. So it couldn’t’ve been THAT bad 😂

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  5. If that is a steam turbine, you are going to be busy shoveling coal, but if your riverside cabin is near a waterfall, then perhaps it is water driven?

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  6. My answers are as you except for 1,7 and 9. Indian food is must for an Indian and I’m already living in south Asia, I might want visit other countries in Asia but I Africa will come first, and I don’t mind being Vampire- I don’t like hot weather, love winter, I’m night person and I can’t imagine myself turning into some animal that can tear clothes and every time I have to keep a bag of clothes with me!

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  7. Ola G says:

    LOL, I had a laugh with this one. Electricity, always, and I very much prefer lykanthropy to vampirism (being a dead immortal has somehow a dampening effect on one’s spirits, I’d guess :P) And yay for Italian food! 😀

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  8. gehmeyr says:

    I like the art, but didn’t find any copyright notice, so I don’t know where to look from there


  9. Nice tag! I might steal… ahem… I mean I might borrow it in the near future! And the picture of that riverside cabin looks very lovely – although I’ve seen a few horror movies which lead me to think immediately of something sinister lurking in the woods! 😀 😀

    PS: I tried the dreaded block editor, and while it did not look too bad, so far I discovered that it lacks one important function, the possibility of justifying the text alignment, and a quick search showed me it’s not been implemented yet. Back to classic editor at warp speed!!!!

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  10. 1) Werewolf Cop by Andrew Klavan
    2) Technology and magic are the same thing, it’s all a matter of perspective.
    6) I must quote the “angel” in The Good Place, on eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream: “It’s so human to take something great and make it slightly worse so that you can have more of it.”
    8) Glad you persevered with the pictures because hooray for Thomas Kincade’s version of paradise!

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  11. Hahaahha Superman to cover both invincibility and flight! I like how you just manage to squeeze your way out of all these questions. 😛 And YES to spaghetti! 😀

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  12. Techno Mage huh! I’ll let you have that for your creativity! Thinking up these questions took me hours as my brain wasn’t cooperating! Yes to flying and electricity! If I had a beach house with private access and nobody within 20 miles to spoil it, I might pick that. I like the idea of a cabin in the woods especially that picture you used but I have issues with mutant monsters, serial killers and cannibals in the woods!

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    • Bookstooge says:


      And see, what we read definitely would affect our answers! You read about 1000% more zombie/mutant stuff than I do, so I don’t wonder that you wouldn’t want a cabin in the woods 😀


  13. Matt Ries says:

    For question 8, if anyone were to answer beachside house they clearly haven’t heard of hurricanes.

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  14. YouKneeK says:

    Haha, this was a fun tag. As another person on the same side of anti-social/social line, I was surprised you chose flying over being invisible. There are times I would love to make myself invisible so people would think I wasn’t there and leave me alone! Of course, I guess flying would serve a similar purpose as long as nobody else had the same ability.

    I completely agree on #6, but leave the cherries out of my ice cream please. 😉

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  15. bkfrgr says:

    Ha! So much fun!
    Am high-fiving you my fellow cherry icecream friend! ✋

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  16. savageddt says:

    Some how i have been able to dissmiss the block editor completely. I will try do another post in the new way. Bit classic is just easier for me to navigate specially me being such a casual blogger. Great post mate.

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  17. […] saw this meme on Bookstoge’s blog and promptly chose to borrow it: these kinds of posts are quite fun to do and after a while they […]


  18. hehe a technomage is obviously the best choice! I’d definitely prefer fiction. I’d pick Italian food and fantasy too! (at the same time! 😉 )

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