Attacko ofo theo Spamo Boto’s!

My “spanisho” is at the same level as Hayden’s acting!

Recently, the last week to be precise, I have received over 200 spam comments, in Spanish. It’s all been on my Quickbeam for World Book Czar post. I forgot to check my spam comments for a day and had over 67 on Sunday. After that I’ve been keeping up with it a bit better.

Thankfully, Akismet has been doing a great job of filtering them, but I still have to deal with them in bulk. Talk about an annoyance of little things.



Of course, it is sickeningly ironic after my little post about how many comments I’ve gotten overall. I guess maybe this is keep me humble? Hahahahaa, yeah right, like that is going to happen.



And I think I’m done for this post. I’ve got words running out of my fingertips like a bleeding river though, so I’m fully expecting to be posting more ridiculousness over the rest of the month.  You’ve been warned.


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43 thoughts on “Attacko ofo theo Spamo Boto’s!

  1. Just for the record, I went to bed before 10pm last night. I had cleaned out my spam comments. When I woke up at 5am this morning, there were 19 identical spanish spam bot comments.

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                1. Ahhh yes, all about control. My wife experiences that at her work all the time. She has set “available” hours and they’re always scheduling her outside of them. Probably pisses me off more than her though 😀

                  Good luck!

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                  1. Oh i typed them a real Salty mc dave over the weekend. Told them my patience has worn thin. Seeing as i explained it all in dutch to them earlier the week but they wanted me to send it in an email… dont fucken do that when i make the effort to tell it to your face… only by the sixth email did it occur to them they had no idea who they pissed off, had to ask me for my name. Bitch you emailed me to start with wtf…

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    1. I’ll tell you.
      Someone, in the comments, talked about the Ents being the hippies of Middle Earth and how they were high on weed, or mineral water or whatever. THAT comment is the one that has been replied to by every single spanish spambot.

      So the lesson is, get your commenters to talk about drugs and hippies and you should be all set 😀

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  2. Oh, thank goodness! When I read the title of your post in my blog roll, I thought you were having a stroke. 😉 The only spam I get is true comments occasionally being tagged as such. One of the perks of being self-hosted, I guess. Enjoy your humble-pie!

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    1. Hahahahahaa! Oh, that is good, I haven’t even thought about how it would look to the uninitiated. I’ve been speaking spanisho since I was about 7 when an uncle of mine introduced me to the fine art of multiple languages 😀

      I get almost no spam comments overall, but man, when it hits, the bots go crazy!

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    1. Hahahaa. They’ve all been in response to one of the comments talking about the ents being hippies and doing weed, so something about that has caught the bot’s attention and they’re just swarming…

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  3. You inspired me to check on Comments, and I found two very legit ones waiting for some time for approval… 😉 but that was in “pending”, spam was 100% trash.

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    1. I’ve had enough comments from legit people get stuck in either pending or spam that I started checking it every day. And that is when I found out how much spam akismet weeds out for me 😀

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  4. Oof. That’s your Spanish?

    Loong time ago. Was in Mexico with friends. One of our gringo friends asks one of the Mexican friends, “Our stereotype of Spanish is that everything ends in -o. What’s your stereotype of English?”

    The Mexican friend replied, “That it looks like you’re chewing gum.”

    I was def glad to discover the “deal with in mass” feature for spam comments … but that’s still a lot of clicking!

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    1. hahahahaa!
      I am quite multi-lingual. I speak Canadiano extremely fluently too. I credit that to why I’m such good friends with people like Lashaan over at Bookidote 😉

      You’ll have to explain the “chewing gum” bit because it has gone over my head.

      Mass clean up of spam is a lifesaver, but as you noted, it is still a lot clicks over time. WordPress only allows me to select 20 spam comments at a time. I wish there was a way to do them ALL in one fell swoop.

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      1. Spanish is a syllable-timed language, which means each syllable gets an approx equal amount of time. This makes it sound flowing.

        English is stress-timed, which means the stressed syllables have to be spaced out evenly over the utterance and the nonstressed syllables have to be crammed in between.

        This, apparently, makes it look to Spanish speakers as if our jaws are going up and down rhythmically, as if we were chewing gum.

        As for Canadian, I don’t know. Completely different, I’m told.

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    1. I seem to go through waves as well. But I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s tapered off but I’m still getting 10-30 of them a day. At this point I’m almost missing those chinese bots that promise me nubile brides from Thailand, in broken engrish, just to break up the monotony of my spam folder 😀

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