A Quote from: Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurs can adopt behaviour and strategies to mitigate the effects of these liabilities. For example, innovative new firms can establish alliances with incumbent large firms. These links enable them to access resources to develop the technology further, as well as to gain downstream access to final customers when they do not have the sales and marketing skills to do so. Such alliances may be a precursor to the entrepreneur being able to sell the business to reap a capital gain. On the downside, the more powerful larger partner can dictate terms and expropriate some of the entrepreneur’s potential gains.
-Page 28


So far, this book is filled with industry insider buzzwords like this. While not gobbledy gook, it is not something I would expect an Every Man Joe to just sit down and easily pick up and inculcate into their own personal knowledge base. I don’t think this is going to be a highly rated book by the time I finish if it stays like this.


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14 thoughts on “A Quote from: Entrepreneurship

  1. H.P. says:

    I like the idea of the Very Short Introduction books, but the two I have read were awful.

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  2. Yes, I have the same problem. I do believe there is a ton of savvy, practical knowledge, and wisdom in our business world friends, but unfortunately the jargon in which it’s expressed prevents the rest of us from understanding it.

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  3. Yeah, I probably would have switched off by now. Not enough dragons & magic 😉

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  4. HCNewton says:

    Have read a few of these, and am hot or cold on them. Never read a middling one. Honestly couldn’t even finish your quotation (but it’s not a topic I read)

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  5. The idea of partnering up with a big fish is always complicated. You lose the chance to grow and become a competitor, but if things are already too complicated or shaky, it’s definitely an exit strategy worth contemplating. 😮

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