Librarything: ♪Free as♪ an Eagle♪

Just wanted to pass the word along. It used to be that you could only have a library of 200 books with a free account and then you had to pay a one time fee to go unlimited. Well, that limit has been removed. Official Announcement.

I’ve been using LT for a while. It’s a back up site for me, just another place to dump my book data. I only belong to one group (that I’ve left and rejoined multiple times) so I can’t speak to the group dynamics. Much smaller than Devilreads, which depending on your needs, can be good or bad.

They are also in the pre-process of getting LT ready for an upgrade. It does have a steep learning curve that I’m hoping the eventual upgrade will smooth out some. I only use the basics and it’s good enough for me.

28 thoughts on “Librarything: ♪Free as♪ an Eagle♪

    1. Oh, were you one of the “Early Release Readers” on LT? I never tried to get into that side of the site.

      It’s definitely geared more towards cataloging than getting free books out there (like NG)

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  1. Thanks for the announcement.

    I’ll never be able to find it on your site, but I see from you e-mail updates that you, too, read Three Investigators books as a kid! I am just so tickled by this. I meet so few other people who remember the series.

    Sure, they would probably be boring to read as an adult. But Jupiter, Bob, and Pete will live forever in my imagination.

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    1. I do have a search bar over on the left hand side of my home page if you ever DO want to search something out. One of the goals of putting each book in its own post is so that searching by title, author, or series should work better. The operative word being “should” 😀

      I was never a hardy boys kind of guy but read the bobbsey twins and then graduated to the 3 investigators. I managed to read most of them as our local and school library had almost the entire collection 😀

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      1. Ha, yes, I guess if I had been willing to spend an extra 30 seconds, perhaps I could have found the original post …. 😀

        I was never exposed to Hardy Boys until I was too old to enjoy them. I found the 3 Investigators in our local library and read thru the corpus. My impression is it’s like the Hardy Boys but with local California culture. Also, Alfred Hitchcock!


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        1. don’t worry, I never search people’s sites either, unless I’m really interested in something. And even then, 9 times out of 10 I just ask them in a comment 😀

          I read the Hardy Boys in middleschool but it was the “Case Files”, which were the modernized new stories. Never read the original stuff.

          I’ve still got about 30-50 of the bobbsey twin books that I own. Not sure what I’m ever going to do with them now…


  2. I’ve hesitated a lot on using LT as ANOTHER backup for reviews but I couldn’t ever tell if it’s worth investing time in… Does it help you redirect any kind of traffic to your blog or it doesn’t really allow it much?

    Definitely nice that it’s going all free now. Maybe a revamp of its style/the next update will give me more motivation to try it out…

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    1. It has zero impact on my blog. I actually mainly use it to keep in touch with a couple of people from booklikes that didn’t go to wordpress. And it has exportable data options (like devilsreads).
      But between blogger, wordpress and Calibre, I’m set. LT is just a paranoid backup and a way for me to force myself to be social in a group setting.

      If the re-vamp ever happens I’m sure I’ll be blabbing about it 🙂

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  3. I think I paid the lifetime membership fee long ago, which wasn’t too much as I recall, and I’ve definitely gotten the value out of it over the years. This is good news though! I wish I still used LT, but I’m only ever on there to enter their monthly giveaways it seems!

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    1. Yeah, their price was ridiculously low but even still I know it stopped a lot of casuals from ever joining up. A VERY different mentality from devilreads, that is for sure.

      With an upgrade potentially coming, I hope they can start taking advantage of people’s dissatisfaction with devilreads. We’ll see what happens though 🙂


    1. Yeah, you seem to be in a pretty good place between your blog and devilreads. But if you ever are “done” with devilreads, at least you know you have options 😀


  4. I catalogue my books, but I’m stuck with a very old, no longer supported, piece of software that crashes more and more often with every new version of Windows. Every now and then I think about moving towards something new, but it will take so long…
    I don’t really care about community aspect, how good are the catalogue options? Is it easy to add book that is not already in the system (I would, often, with my Polish books)? Can you export your catalogue to your drive? Track books you lend to your friends?

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    1. LT excels(!!!!), in my opinion, at the cataloging side of things. It is more of a “catalog” your personal library than a book review site. That’s just been a net positive side effect.

      Manually adding books is a big thing for them. In that regards, LT doesn’t have its own book database. You can choose about 5 places to search for books from or add your own manually. It is similar enough to devilreads that you start thinking it is the same and then you realize, oh, this is very different. It can be frustrating if all you want to do is review books. But for a cataloger, I bet it’s heaven.

      You can export your data. I’m not sure if its in a tsv or csv format.

      Tracking is something that can be done. There is something called Tiny Cat that is a miniature lending library program. Don’t know if it’s free or not. I’ve never bothered with it, as I don’t lend my books out! 😀

      I realize that is a wall of text. If you do join up, feel free to hit me up on my profile:
      Even if I can’t help you, I might be able to pass you off into the correct hands…

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        1. Ok, it does look cool, has all the features I want, and I will spend long hours creating my catalogue 😉 Right now, all the shelves are protectively wrapped in plastic as I’m in the middle of renovation, but after that… I’ll go crazy with cataloguing. TBH, I might like it as much as reading itself 😉

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  5. This LT initiative is one of the many generous offerings going around in this time of lockdown, and it’s a very commendable one. I got a free membership last year by downloading their app on my phone, and I’ve enjoyed its simplicity of use, so I’m happy that more people will be able to get a subscription now 🙂

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    1. I’m really hoping to see an uptick of people on there. But we’ll see 🙂
      I got my lifetime membership with the tiny cat subscription. I was just glad to not be limited to 200, as my books number in the 1000’s 😀

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  6. I got a lifetime membership to LT ages and ages ago when they were brand new, but I don’t use it much anymore. The interface, of course, being my main issue with it. GR is just so much easier to use. If this LT update makes it easy to use, then I may switch back… we’ll see. I hope it gets better enough to be a competitor in the ease-of-use department.

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    1. I think the “not like GR” is a deliberate choice on their part. Both the owner and the user base. But I still agree with you, it isn’t easy to use or intuitive. I also hope the upgrade makes it easier for the general public.


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