A Quote From: Monster Hunter Guardian

mhguardian (Custom)

Hansel came in, now dressed in an immaculate tuxedo. “Is this to your liking?”

“Yeah.” I pulled the pistol out and worked the slide to make sure the chamber was empty. I usually built my own guns—I’m a 1911 girl—but this was good.

“I was told this was a suitable weapon.”

“No kidding. It’s a Grayguns Compact custom P320 with a reflex sight.”

“I’m afraid I do not know what any of those words mean.”

“It means it’s pretty damned solid and been worked over by someone who knows what they’re doing.” I didn’t normally run a micro red-dot sight on my handguns, but I’d practiced with them enough to get over the learning curve. I checked the chamber again out of habit, picked a target—that potted plant would do—and dry-fired. Click. Flat trigger, good geometry, very nice.

“I assumed all your clients were assholes, but at least one of them has excellent taste in working guns.”

“He has several of these. Like you, he is a professional, but in a very different and unrelated field.”

“Come on, Hansel, you can admit you know John Wick.”


“The guy, they killed his dog…”

“That sounds terrible.”

“Never mind.” There were ten magazines already loaded with 115 grain Federal hollowpoints. Great for humans, and I just had to hope there weren’t any werewolves invited to the party. I took some mags out and started sticking them into Hansel’s jacket pocket.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Look at this dress. Where exactly do you think I’m going to hide all this stuff?”

“These are besom pockets. You’ll ruin the lines! I am your bidder, not your Sherpa.”

He was going to be my hostage if he didn’t shut up, but the scowl I gave him must have convinced him that I meant business.

~Page 199


A bit of a longer quote this time but my goodness, this quote is this book in a nutshell. I love it!


bookstooge (Custom)



20 thoughts on “A Quote From: Monster Hunter Guardian

  1. Dresses really do need more pockets. Hidden or otherwise.

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  2. This quote sounds amusing, but also is a good reminder of why Correia didn’t work for me. I enjoyed the humor, but the descriptions of guns (and gunfights) made my eyes glaze over…

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    • Bookstooge says:

      The first book in the MHI series was my trial by fire for his gun porn. Thankfully after that it wasn’t nearly so big a part and I think my tolerance has increased 🙂

      But I understand why it turns people away…

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  3. HCNewton says:

    love the Wick reference

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  4. Well, I guess I wouldn’t get the book either.

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  5. I’m impressed that John Wick has already been acknowledged as a pop culture reference hahah I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it onto a classic list in the near future, if not already.

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