#6Degrees – Sanditon to…


This month we start with Jane Austen’s unfinished manuscript, Sanditon.




I read Sanditon back in ’13 when I read Austen’s Minor Works. Honestly, I don’t remember a thing about it. Not a clue what it was about. It obviously didn’t make much of an impression on me.








A book that did make quite an impression on me was Hard Magic. I know this because I shelled out quite a bit of money to get some special edition versions which I’ll be show-casing in one of my book hauls later this month. Totally worth the money and almost worth the aggravation. You’ll get the full story in the book haul. Hard Magic is noir’ish and while I hate Noir, I liked this trilogy.




sweetsilverblues (Custom)


Another noir’ish series I liked was Cook’s Garrett, PI novels. The first one, Sweet Silver Blues was just a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure these books were offered by the SFBC in the 90’s as omnibus editions but I never bought them because even back then I knew noir’ish stuff wasn’t my thing.






Republic_Commando_Volume_1 (Custom)


Another SFBC only offering was the Republic Commando omnibuses by Karen Traviss. I enjoyed them immensely, right up to the point where Traviss let her hatred of everything the Jedi stood for take over the story telling. Man, she eviscerated the very idea of the Jedi Order. If you read any of her other books, that won’t come as a surprise to you.  HATRED is hard to read.







Adrian Tchaikovsky, on the other hand, LOVES bugs and his love shines through most of his books. The Empire in Black and Gold is the first of his 10 book Shadows of the Apt series and from the first page you get that Tchaikovsky and bugs get along like pigs and mud.






starshiptroopers (Custom)


As a fan of science fiction, when I think of bugs, there is one classic book that springs to mind. Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers! I read this in college and this was the cover and it has stuck in my head for the last 2 decades. It doesn’t get much more “buggy” than this book.






And that is how you get from Jane Austen to Giant Alien Space Bugs, hahahahaa. If you’d like to participate in the #6degrees series of posts, head over to #6Degrees Meme to find out the starting point for each month. They’re not always punctual, so sometimes you have to wait until a week into the month.


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16 thoughts on “#6Degrees – Sanditon to…

    1. I have her Minor Works in ebook form, so I chose that cover because I liked it the most 🙂

      Starship Troopers, beyond the name and the bug aliens have zero in common between movie and book. The movie is a mindless action movie while the book is pretty good, imo.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Most of Austen’s Minor Works were minor for a reason. I like the ideas in several of them but wish she could have had the time to really flesh them out into full novels.


  1. That cover of Heinlein looks a lot better than the hardcover copy I got mid last year. I am planning on getting to read that and Dune this year. No more excuses… Also I Owned a series by Travis based off of the Gears of War games. I love her writing. I never got into the Star Wars books as they were not readily available in South Africa. I am not sure if the tie in novels would be something I would find interesting. I am a bad SW fan…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t recommend Traviss’s star wars books. She had her entire timeline cut out from under her and she just abruptly stopped writing.

      Looking forward to what you think of Starship Trooper and Dune 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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