A Quote from The Burning White


But given time, horror fades, and repetition makes what was unthinkable now normal; the monstrous is made manageable. For mankind adapts to every horror.

This can’t have happened.

This happened but not often.

This happened often, but this happens no longer.

This happens still but not often.

This happens often, but this is what must happen. This is what someone must do.

This is what I must do.

This is what I will do.

I am doing this.

I have done that, and it is what you must do in your turn.

“O my God,” Karris said, “please, please, save us.”

And the words were that commander’s grief, as he held a dead child in his arms, at finding out the massacre hadn’t been committed by some mortal foe but by his own men.

`Chapter 37


Man, just when I’m sailing along, Weeks writes something that stops me dead in my tracks! I like that about his writing.


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18 thoughts on “A Quote from The Burning White

  1. Great quote! I have the first book in this series, just waiting for the right time to dive in. These books are big and seem like quite a commitment!

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  2. Wow.

    I can hardly stand to read that.

    It is too familiar.

    But they skipped the final step:
    “Now we must silence the people who are trying to expose it.”

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  3. Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve read Weeks and it seems he’s upped his game. I still remember reading his Night Angel Trilogy, which tried to be so dark! Then he’d ruin it all by having the word “butt” come up like a hundred times.

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  4. Ola G says:

    All right, you have my attention, and I have my Weeks waiting on the shelf already 😉

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  5. What a powerful passage, indeed…
    I’ve had a book by Weeks in my “for later” folder for months now, and I must move it to the reading queue soon. Very soon…. 🙂

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  6. Nice to hear that you’re enjoying this behemoth so far! 😀

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