Superman IV: The Quest for Peas, errr, Peace



Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was released in 1987 and was co-written by Reeve’s. That should have been enough of a warning to anyone. Of course, Matt warned me that it was a stinker, so I knew going in that I was in for rough weather. And indeed, this movie was bad. It was bad enough that another Superman movie wasn’t made again until 2006. Almost 20 years of stinkitude!

The basic premise is that “everyone” is concerned that Nuclear weapons are going to destroy the world but Superman won’t do anything about it because of his instructions from Krypton not to change the fate of his adopted world. Then a school boy writes to him asking him to save everyone.  At the same time a greedy capitalist buys the Daily Planet and starts turning it into a tabloid while he gives it to his daughter to run.  The daughter falls in love with Clark Kent while Lois is still in love with Superman. Hijinks ensue as Big Blue has to switch from one to the other on a double date.

Supes gets permission from the UN to take all the nuclear weapons from everyone and throw them into the sun. There is where Lex Luthor gets involved. He steals a hair of Superman’s and creates a genetic package that needs the sun’s power to give it life. Luthor installs it on one of the nuclear weapons and when Supes throws it into the sun Nuclear Man is born, quite literally. Luthor reveals him and he and Supes fight, in the city, on the moon and in space. Supes gets scratched by nuclear nails and gets sick and everyone thinks he’s dead.  He comes back and throws Nuclear Man into a nuclear power plant and lights up a whole city while Nuclear Man is consumed.

The movie ends with Superman giving a speech about everyone getting along and realizing we all live on the same planet. Also, Perry White takes out a loan from the bank and buys back the Daily Planet.


I actually watched this 3 times to make sure it was as bad as I thought it was. There was no mistake, this was a B-A-A-A-A-D movie.

Hollywood politics dominated the storyline to the point where it wasn’t much of a storyline but a piece of propaganda. Superman taking nuclear weapons away from everyone, though glossed over, made him the worst of tyrants and excusing it by putting the responsibility on the UN’s shoulders was just as bad. That corrupt body of filth has NO power to make such decisions.  (As an aside, just so you know where I stand about the UN, if UN Peacekeepers EVER set foot on American soil on a mission, it is my duty and right as a Citizen of this country to destroy them. No Blue Hats in America!!!!) Ahem….

Helmets belonging to soldiers of the Nigerian army are seen as part of preparations for deployment to Mali, at the Nigerian Army peacekeeping centre in Jaji
Any American wearing one of these on U.S. soil is a TRAITOR and will be treated as such


The plot line about the capitalist’s daughter & Clark and Lois & Superman was just ridiculous in the worst way.  It was stupid and silly. Those two words describe most of the movie though.

I felt bad for this woman, on so many levels


Superman and Nuclear Man, oh where do I even start? Nuclear Man goes around the world destroying things, like the Great Wall of China. Superman comes after him and makes video game bleeep noises and undoes all the damage. It was like Superman had Control Z (keyboard shortcut for undo) Vision. Then Superman figures out Nukes is powered by the sun and traps him in an elevator where Nukes immediately curls up in the fetal position. So Superman releases him on the Moon, in the sun. Come on!!!! Then the end where Nuclear Man gets all his energy sucked up by the power plant? I can’t even begin to count how many things are wrong with that, even from just the story point side of things, much less any other point of things.

Nuclear Man could have been awesome. But he wasn’t


By the end of my 3rd watch, I was simply listening to the movie and even then I was rolling my eyes. I really don’t have anything good to say about this and I don’t know whose fault that even is. Was it the directors, the story writers? I don’t know.  Honestly, it was bad enough that I could see this getting the Rifftrax treatment.

Don’t waste your time, period.


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Next month I’ve got a choice between Peter Jackson’s extended edition of King Kong or Alien vs Predator.  Feel free to give voice to your choice in the comments or feel free to mock Superman IV. It deserves it!


28 thoughts on “Superman IV: The Quest for Peas, errr, Peace

    1. Oh yeah, AVP2 was absolute trash. While AVP was bad fun, avp2 was just plain bad, bad, bad. I watched it when it came out on dvd but I was pretty disgusted by it 😦

      Not being an animal lover, that aspect of the King Kong movies has never bothered me.


  1. You.. watched it… THREE times?!

    Of the next two movies up for consideration, King Kong is the only story I have any familiarity with, and not much at that. I have vague memories of watching a King Kong movie as a child in the 80’s.

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  2. It has been a while since I last watched Peter Jackson’s Kong. As I recall, it has much to recommend it but the FX don’t hold up. Why watch it when you could watch the original or the new Skull Island instead?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve watched one of the originals and while I’m glad I did, I have no desire to repeat it. As for why this one and not Skull Island? I own this and not Skull 🙂 I’m trying to watch movies I actually own to see if I made any colossal mistakes in buying them (like I did with the Elektra movie)

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    1. First time I watched it from head to toe. The next 2 times I just played it as background to get some specifics down in my head.

      I am really glad you warned me that it was bad or I might have gotten angry 😀

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  3. Oh my goodness, three times! It does seem like a fair indication you have a masochistic streak in you after all… 😉
    Jackson’s King Kong might be only slightly better than Superman IV, though, so I vote for Alien vs. Predator! 😀 The first part wasn’t so bad 😉

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    1. Well, it was so bad that I couldn’t really do a riff. It was however, a movie that I bet the Rifftrax crew would have had a field day with 🙂

      But yeah, it was Superman. I like Superman. Period 😀 😀 😀


  4. Hahahaha it does indeed sound bad. Seems like it was made for the wrong reasons, although I fear that a future non-Snyder Superman movie would actually try something very political à la Immigrant from another world comes saves the world from a millionnaire president villain… Sounds like something Americans know too well right now hahaha

    Ahhh, the mention of AVP reminds me that I need to read the omnibus collection I got for it… I rewatched the movie a couple of months ago on my Alien and Predator movie binge… I’ll vote for King Kong just cause we’re soon getting a Godzilla vs. King Kong trailer after all. 😀

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