An Odd Conversation

Mrs B related the following story to me that she was reading:

Main Character is learning to fly a plane. He learns. Then Side Character says he wants to learn and Main Character puts on a space suit. They end up in space while flying the plane. Side Character teaches Main Character how to survive without breathing and they give the spacesuit to the flight instructor. They promptly crash into the space station, where the flight instructor and an American astronaut get mixed up and the astronaut flies back to Earth with Main Character and Side Character. End of related story.

I was going off about how that made NO SENSE whatsoever and Mrs B says something like “magic” and I replied “yes, stupid writer treating physics and ballistics like magic”. She then says “No, literally magic. Side Character is a magician.”  I end the conversation with “Well, as odd as it sounds, THAT actually makes way more sense.”

Ever have those really weird conversations?


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34 thoughts on “An Odd Conversation

  1. salonimore1702 says:

    I’m in a lecture right now and I nearly burst out laughing when I read this. Yeah, the side character being a magician makes a lot more sense hahaha.

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  2. YouKneeK says:

    Haha, I think the conversation makes perfect sense, but I’m not sure if the book does even when you add in the magic! As I was reading, my first question was: Why would MC put on a space suit to fly a plane? Did they know they would end up in space? Presumably not if the FI didn’t have a space suit, or they would have been better prepared. But if they did expect to end up in space, why didn’t SC train MC how to survive without breathing BEFORE going into space? And regardless of whether it was planned, why didn’t they train the FI to survive without breathing too?

    (I don’t expect you to actually answer these questions as I assume you don’t know since you didn’t read it! These are just the things that came to my mind as I was reading…)

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Those kind of questions are why I don’t read the fanfiction from China that Mrs B eats up with a spoon.

      I can say that the MC wore a spacesuit because they had experience with the SideCharacter and knew SOMETHING would happen. Apparently mishaps and lack of common sense were a thing with the SC 🙂

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      • YouKneeK says:

        Ah ha… Well I hope the MC also took scuba equipment along with the space suit, just in case the plane had ended up in the ocean instead! 😉

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        • Bookstooge says:

          I have learned that when Mrs B is reading on her tablet and starts laughing, I ask “Do I want to know?”. Over half the time, the answer is “no”. I used to just ask what was funny and it took a couple of years to hammer in, I really didn’t want to know most of the time!

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  3. Yeah it certainly makes more sense now!

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  4. Yeah, we have odd conversations like that sometimes, too. Our are often about old cheesy black and white “horror” movies. They would often make more sense with the inclusion of magic, also.

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  5. Hahaha, what is this story? It sounds confusing even with the magic!

    ..But yes.. we DO have weird conversations as well. Often. Especially when we’re both tired 😀

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  6. This isn’t my own conversation, but you can’t beat it for every single line being funny:

    MC is expecting a baby.

    Friend: Is it a boy or a girl?
    MC: We aren’t announcing that.
    Friend: Can I guess?
    MC: OK, sure.
    Friend: Is it a girl?
    MC: Oh, no. You’re way off.

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  7. Hahaha! That is amazing. 😛
    I wish I could think of something to add to this.

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  8. savageddt says:

    Ask the my wife about “pink is a colour…” i cant remember half the shit i sometimes say to her, but bless her heart she does…

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  9. Bookstooge, you spread sunshine with your blistering book reviews (like giving the Lord of the Rings only 4 out of 5 stars). Hence, I have given you the Sunshine Blogger award over on my blog. If you are game, I’ll be interested to see your answers.

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  10. Ok, but what happened to the space suit? Inquiring minds want to know… 😀 😀 😀

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  11. Ola G says:

    That is a very educational conversation 😂

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  12. Oh boy hahahahahah Them Asians and their stories! 😂😂

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  13. hehehe this is why fantasy is amazing! You can just go: MAGIC! and everything suddenly makes sense 😉

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  14. bkfrgr says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! So glad you shared this – completely improved my day!! 😀 😀

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