Quote from “The Ministry of Healing”

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But selfishness and the indulgence of appetite have brought sin and misery, from excess on the one hand and from want on the other.

~The Ministry of Healing, page 28




That quote is very apropos at the moment. I recently had a doctors visit and when I had my weigh in, found I was overweight. I’ve joined Weight Watchers to lose weight and that program has me watching what I eat even more closely than I have to with my diabetes.  Going grocery shopping has been eye opening as we (Mrs B is supporting me in this endeavor) realize just how much of the food we usually eat is for taste and/or pleasure alone. Excess and indulgence indeed. It is good to be reminded that as a Christian every single aspect of our lives must be under Christ’s control. We are not to be gluttons, or ascetics.


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23 thoughts on “Quote from “The Ministry of Healing”

    1. I tried it about 2 years ago and gave up quickly. They’ve recently revamped their food list though, so I’m doing much better. Not as good as I could be, but with my job being so active, that helps a lot.
      I am eating a ton more fresh fruits and veggies. Weekends are the hardest because I’m just sitting around the house and it is easy to mindlessly eat. I bought a paper journal just to keep track of my points (WW assigns points to different foods and I get 23 points a day) and that also is helping me. Writing stuff down just works in my case.

      The real test will be by the end of the month. I need to lose some 20-30lbs overall and if I can lose 10 by month’s end then I’ll feel like I’m on track. I have a weigh-in this Saturday, so I’m hoping to see some losses then.

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  1. Guess luck with the Weight Watchers! I’ve never tried it, but I have found that counting calories has helped me lose weight in the past and I think WW operates on a similar principal? Realizing how many calories I would add to my daily total if I ate some of the high-calorie junk food I wanted helped me make different decisions.

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    1. Oops, not sure if I can edit comments, but I meant “Good luck” of course, not “Guess luck”! Maybe I’d better wake up a bit more before I get out on the road…

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    2. Yeah, WW uses a generic “points” that takes into account calories, fats, sugars, and proteins. I have a little calculator and they also have an app so you can scan barcodes. I prefer the calculator 😀

      Chips are pretty much out of my diet now, as is most “sugary” treats. So it is good for me 😀

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  2. This is so true. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to indulge and there are so many delicious foods out there. I’ve dealt with food addiction and man, it’s so hard. Nearly two years without gluten and sugar, and I still have cravings.

    My sister-in-law swears by Weight Watchers. I hope it works for you. Theres this app you can get called cronometer which counts calories and nutrition. So easy to use too. Maybe you might like it. It’s free.

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    1. Our whole food industry is based around getting people to eat more than they need to and eat stuff that isn’t good for them. And I’m not talking about McDonalds, etc. Half the food in the grocery store is nothing but fats or sugars in one form or another.

      Honestly, I don’t think I could do that gluten/sugar free unless it was forced on me by my body.

      WW has an app too, but I found that I respond best to jotting everything down in a leather journal. I have one for my diabetes and now I have one for my food. For whatever reason writing it down works better than noting it in an app.

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  3. I was on Weight Watchers for awhile and lost 22 lbs. but seemed to stop there. Right now I’m on a low GI + diet which is taking more weight off. The list of what I can’t have is small but these things are in EVERYTHING! Sugar, wheat, rice and dairy are the main ones and just try to find food with none of those in it! It really forces you to eat lots of vegetables, which is a good thing (weight watchers does this too). I tried a different diet because I don’t like Weight Watchers new program. It entices you to eat more meat which is just goofy.

    My best friend’s sister passed away last week of a coronary arrest … she had diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure (all trying to be managed) and she was obese. She had just had her 56th birthday. So take care of yourself, okay?

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    1. At some point if someone has enough issues, it is better to go off ANY mass produced food. Even making your own food is hard nowadays though.
      WW turned a lot of sources of no fat protein into Zero point foods, for which I am thankful. Nothing like having a bunch of ground turkey and taco seasoning for zero points when you’re feeling like you are going to starve to death 😀
      And pickles. Oh my goodness. Kosher dill pickle spears are the best!

      I’m currently on meds for high cholesterol too, plus some stuff for “protecting” my liver and kidneys. I’m hoping that losing weight, and keeping it off, will help reduce my need for that stuff. The less meds I need, the better for my body.

      Being in my 40’s has made me realize my mortality. So heart attacks are on my mind a lot, considering they go hand in hand with diabetes 😦

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  4. I have to admit that I love food and find it crazy to even imagine myself ever telling myself things like “Welp. Time to go full-out vegan.” I guess it’s really just a question of dosing everything right so that we don’t fall in that trap of mindlessly eating things we love all the time. I do hope things have been much better on this matter for you lately, sir.

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    1. I couldn’t go vegan. Me and cheese are like this *finger twist*
      But vegetarian isn’t out of the question 🙂

      Having control over what we eat and knowing our needs versus our wants is a big aspect of it all. Eat to live, don’t live to eat was another quote I came across soon after this one.

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  5. Good luck with WW! Hope it works for you in a sustainable way 🙂
    Funny thing, but when I lived in the US back in 2000s the food seemed much fatter and more calorie-laden than back in Europe – and really fresh, appealing fruit and veggies were not that easy to get.

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    1. Thankfully, it will be more of an “amount” issue than much of a change in habit. Besides pretty much cutting out chips and icecream, I’ll be eating almost the same stuff 🙂 Just more of some things (veggies, fruits, etc) and less of others (no more multiple slices of pizza).

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    1. We’re not supposed to be eating JUST for pleasure. A slight difference in wording but it does change the whole meaning.

      And if you’re overweight (not fat, mind you, as those 2 words have different meanings), then yep, join the rest of America!


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