I Remember 9/11

SEPT 11 2001 NYC


18 years later and I can still remember this day with almost crystal clarity. I still mourn.


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24 thoughts on “I Remember 9/11

  1. Mischenko says:

    Me too. Hard to believe it’s been 18 years. My oldest son was nearly 1 and I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for sharing. 🇺🇸

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  2. savageddt says:

    I remember clearly as well. I just finished a payphone call to my mom (i was in boardingschool/hostel) when one of my female friends came down the steps distruaght af, shouting that world war 3 just broke out… confused as I was then, i did not take to it much until we saw it on the news later, we only had certain times to watch back in the day, cellphones werent a thing back then yet… I still feel today that my idea of the world permanantly changed that day. As in it all went to shit afterwards….

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  3. piotrek says:

    I’m not American, yet I remember it very well, and, in retrospect, it marks an end of an era. World has changed, and not for the better. Perhaps it would anyway, with or without the attack, but it’s a symbol of how the hopes of the 90-ties were crushed.
    And all the victims, people in many ways like me, office workers that felt safe in a glass tower in a big, peaceful city…

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  4. Chocoviv says:

    I still cry when I think about it…

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  5. Sharon Barrow Wilfong says:

    I remember afterwards I started praying for a spiritual awakening in America and for the gospel to spread throughout the Muslim world.

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  6. Never forget 9/11. I was in high school and overseas that day, but it was still very traumatizing. I remember watching the live coverage feeling cold, terrified, sick.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      That day, and in the years to follow, I had a much deeper connection with all those Americans who had experienced Pearl Harbor day. I can remember when I was highschool one of the vets at our church going off because no one remembered Pearl Harbor day. I remember that I thought “my parents weren’t even born when this happened, so why should “I” bother to remember it?”.
      Now I understand his position.


  7. I can’t believe it was 18 years ago. I got the news from my dad as I was getting a lift home from work. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the TV. I watched so many documentaries about it but it still gets to me all these years on. So many sad stories about the people who died. Heartbreaking.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Time passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

      Here in the US a lot of the “documentaries” were just an excuse for people to air their pet conspiracy theories or go off about politics so I tended to avoid them. I figure in maybe another 10 years sufficient time will have passed for me to start watching some documentaries on it without me getting all up in arms 😀


  8. The crystal clarity you mention is the only way we can – and must – remember that day, if nothing else to honor the memory of those who lost their lives.

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  9. Saw it live on television as a kid myself. A day to never forget.

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  10. bkfrgr says:

    I can only echo Piotrek and Maddalena. I remember exactly where I was when we started receiving those first images, even though I’m not American. It changed the world and it feel like something fundamental was lost. It is important that we remember.

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