Superman: The Extended Edition (1978 Movie)

268x0wThe last time I saw this movie must have been back in the 90’s in highschool when I borrowed a vhs tape from the library.  Whoooo, it’s been a while.

I wanted something to watch that had some hope, some decency, something that lacked the darkness that a lot of more modern movies seem to exude.

This was an origin story and this extended edition was 3hours long. I have very vague memories so I couldn’t really pin down what was added to the movie and if that was good or bad. I think the opening with the destruction of Krypton went on longer.  Marlon Brando was very distinctive and it made my enjoyment of the animated movie Megamind even greater as the main character in that pretends to be the villain’s “space dad” and chooses the appearance of a clownish Jor-El. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.



There was a long sequence of Clarke Kent as a teenager, played by some actor other than Christopher Reeve. It was actually rather tedious.  Then we move on to Metropolis and Lex Luthor is revealed. Gene Hackman plays a very campy Luthor but he’s still smart. It is really weird seeing a super villain portrayed thusly.  He’s nutso enough to send a nuke to drop California into the ocean so all the property he bought in Nevada will become Lexland but he employs a drunk idiot as a henchman and is more concerned about his wig fitting and feeding his mistress to the lions than in actually being cut throat.  It is just weird 🙂

Reeve made a fantastic Superman and it isn’t any wonder that he came to represent the face of Superman himself for decades. Tall, muscular, black haired, clear eyed, with a charming smile. He was everything that Superman was in the comics. It was great to see Reeve switch between Superman and Kent. His voice subtly changed, his posture and even his facial expressions. He really was 2 different people.

I mentioned at the beginning the desire for a lack of darkness. I definitely got that in this movie. Superman isn’t soul searching, wracked with angst and inner turmoil. He’s been told that he has a purpose, from a young age. From both his human father, Jonathan Kent and his Space Dad (hahahahahaa) Jor-El, he has been assured that his life matters in a greater scheme of things. Neither father can tell him WHAT that purpose is, but that gives him something to strive for. It made me realize how hopeless our world has become in the last 40 years.  A whole generation, or two, has grown up being indoctrinated that they are nothing but a speck of dust, that they are an accident, that they not only aren’t significant but that they are insignificant and that their very existence is pointless. It is no wonder suicide rates are increasing, not in number alone but in percentages.  That darkness of the soul is missing from this movie. It was refreshing and really nice to just hear someone tell another person that they have meaning. Our world needs more of that.

The Superman franchise went on to spawn 3 more movies.  I watched up to III back in highschool and I’m seriously thinking about watching all 4 over the next couple of months. I really have no idea what the quality of the sequels will turn out to be. Wish me luck.


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28 thoughts on “Superman: The Extended Edition (1978 Movie)

  1. I’ve never bothered with any of the Superman reboots as Christopher Reeve is the Superman I grew up watching! I only ever watched the first three films. Good luck with any other sequels!

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I’m pretty sure film 3 dug the whole for the franchise but I know the 4th one killed it, buried it and made a highway over it 😦
      I’ve never seen 4, so I’ll b watching it “for the experience” as I know I probably won’t be enjoying it a lot.

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  2. Mischenko says:

    My absolute favorite! This brings back memories. I honestly like the new movies with Henry Cavill too. Great post. 🙂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I like the Cavill version of Superman too. He’s much more in line, physically, with the comics I read in the 90’s.

      Part of why I liked Cavill so much was because of the 2006 Superman movie with Brandon Ruth. He just didn’t have the presence for Superman…


  3. HCNewton says:

    After you watch Superman II, track down a Donner cut of Superman: The Movie, to see how it would have gone if he hadn’t been fired.

    Cavill has the look and presence, bit I like about 5% of how they’ve used him.

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  4. I’ve never been able to feel the love for Superman. Do remember these films from back in the day and enjoying them at the time, though.

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  5. Ola G says:

    It’s an oldie, but a goodie 😉 Glad you’re enjoying it!

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    • Bookstooge says:

      It has sparked the idea in my brain, if this franchise had 4 movies, why didn’t more Superhero movies take off? I guess the audience wasn’t ready yet, or something :-/

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      • Ola G says:

        Yeah, most likely – plus, the special effects were just being invented, and the whole genre was looked down at as something for kids, so not worth much effort or money. Remember Flash Gordon??

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        • Bookstooge says:

          Yeah, the adult generation of the time definitely thought of anything comic related as “for the kids”. Not sure what that says about our generation now.

          Nope, don’t remember Flash Gordon at all. I know the name, but that is it.

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  6. I plan on revisiting these myself too throughout the next year (as well as the pre-Nolan Batman movies). Some of these are quite underrated while others invite a cringe-fest. I like how Superman’s physical appearance is VERY important for you, which is quite true in the end. You’d probably laugh out loud at the Superman they have on the CW network Supergirl show… 😛

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Good luck with the Batman movies! You’re going to need it 😀

      I was thinking about WHY his appearance is so important to me and I think it is because who he is changes from artist to artist. So what is on the inside has to be expressed on the outside in how he looks. A Manly Superman shows all of the traits that we expect in a leader and someone good.

      And that is why things like the New52 version bothered me so much. He was a boy…

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  7. Oh I love this movie so much!! Very uplifting! And Reeve will always be the best superman!

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  8. savageddt says:

    One of the best portrayers of superman for sure

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    • Bookstooge says:

      It was to bad the franchise degenerated. Makes me wonder if there would have been more movies if he hadn’t broken his back. I can’t remember when that happened though, so it might have had no bearing on things.

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