Psst, Do You Want To Know My Secret Identity?

Shamelessly stolen from the internet. But I’m “reformed”, honest!

When I wrote the post about bank robbing and llamas, I let slip a bit of history about my criminal background. Since I am now reformed, Maddalena was wondering if I would end up becoming a Super Hero and if so, what kind?

First and foremost, superheroes have to protect their real life. Imagine if everyone knew who Donut Man really was! He’d get kidnapped by Crispy Creme and be forced to sit in a warehouse churning out magical donuts for the rest of his life. Brrrrrrr. But to get back on track. Yes, I AM A SUPERHERO. However, to fool my former villain associates, I’ve had to invert the whole secret identity thing. Everyone already knows mild mannered Clark Bookstooge and his propensity to be attracted to phone booths (one of those lesser known fetishes. For good reason). So I decided that I would HIDE my super hero identity.

So you will never know my Super Hero Identity. It’s a secret!

Bleeding internet! Look at that, I’m outed already

Well folks, I’m off to prepare myself for an attack by the Meme Factory.  Obviously, this is a job for….

…..Captain Obvious!  😉


bookstooge (Custom)

17 thoughts on “Psst, Do You Want To Know My Secret Identity?

    1. Yeah, there is a definite difference between using the app on a phone and the dedicated wordpress site. It’s one reason I’m STILL skeptical of anything “mobile” 😀

      Glad you enjoyed this. It was fun to write!

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