To My Email Followers…


While I mentioned this in passing in my last Roundup&Ramblings post, I figured I’d better do a separate post so there wasn’t any confusion.

In January I completed Phase One of my Blog Construction Plans.  As such, now I am moving into Phase Two, which is a much bigger undertaking and more intrusive, IF you happen to get emails from me. As I will be creating new posts for each review that I formerly lumped together in monthly posts, even though they are backdated, WordPress still considers them new posts and sends them to everyone on the email list.

This is just a fair warning post to let you know that while I’ve toyed around with this Phase Two, I am hoping to really start things in earnest next month. So be advised you could be getting an additional 5-20 posts emailed to you each month.

That is all.



bookstooge (Custom)

21 thoughts on “To My Email Followers…

  1. Good luck with the upcoming work! I hate any kind of technical upheaval as I get stressed with it! Hope it all goes well.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Thanks Chuckles. I don’t mind this kind of work, I just have to be aware that it takes away from my store of words and so if I do too much on this project, my current reviews and posts might suffer 😀

      Thank goodness spring is almost here…


  2. YouKneeK says:

    5-20 e-mails a month? Compared to what I filter through every day at work, that’s nothing. I can take it! 😉 Good luck with Phase Two.

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  3. bookcupidity says:

    Got it 🙂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Yeah, after your comment AND Brokentunes, I figure there might be some others in the same boat but just not willing to say anything. Since I’d appreciate a heads up in a similar situation, I’d figure I’d just make a post of it 😀

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  4. Thanks for the heads up!

    And good luck with your reconstruction 😃don’t let it overwhelm you

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  5. Have fun with Phase Two! 😀

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  6. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the warning!

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  7. Hopefully the whole cataloging will be rewarding in the end. Do you also update Caliber or whatever other programs you use or does this strictly only influence WordPress? 😀

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