Despicable Me (2010 Movie)

despicableme (small)Yeah, you probably thought I was going to talk about MYSELF didn’t you? Don’t try to deny it, I can see into your mind and I know your naughty thoughts!  Since I lied to you all in my 2018 in Review post and promised more movies in 2019, I figured I’d start the year off right with a movie that I absolutely love. Thanks to Orangutan Librarian for doing a post on Minions and reminding me to get this ball rolling.

I was late to this party (as is the case with almost all the movies I watch, excepting John Wick) but my goodness, I’m solidly in now.

Basic premise is that Gru is a villain who keeps getting upstaged by another younger villain. Gru decides he’s going to steal the moon but needs the prototype of the Shrink Ray to do so. Of course, Young Villain has already stolen the Shrink Ray. Gru adopts 3 girls who are selling girl scout cookies so he can slip robot cookies into the Fortress and steal the Shrink Ray. Gru ends up fully taking on the roll of the girls’ father and it begins to affect his performance as a villain. His resident mad scientist, Dr Nefario, gets the girls put back in the orphanage so Gru will concentrate on stealing the moon. Gru does steal the moon only to have Young Villain steal it from him. Young Villain also kidnaps the 3 girls to have leverage over Gru. Turns out the Shrink Ray isn’t permanent so Gru has to rescue the girls AND return the Moon so it doesn’t destroy the city. In the end Gru adopts the girls and everyone starts disco dancing at the girls’ performance of Swan Lake. Sigh, those silly minions!


The first thing that hooked me was the Minions:


Boatloads of semi-stupid, nearly indestructible minions who talk in indecipherable french and love bananas. They are funny and got enough laughs to get their own movie later on.

They also are the window into who Gru truly is. He cares about his minions and knows all their names and their families. He’s not evil, just a villain. Gru starts off as a real bad ass and I loved him in that role.  How can you not love somebody who walks into a coffee shop, hollers out “FREEZE RAY!” and proceeds to walk up the line freezing everyone, grabbing the coffee and pastry for the first customer and then walking out the door?

freezeray (small)
Freeze Ray!


Then the girls come onto the scene and you know that Gru is going to turn into the man with a heart of gold.  Each of the girls is very unique and heartwarming in their own way.




Vector and his Father, who runs the Bank of Evil,  make for great “real” villains and are so ham handed and over the top and silly that there isn’t a shred of doubt that Gru will prevail. Kind of nice to have the Good vs Evil be so clear cut. Of course, for the target audience of 10 year olds, I’m sure it’s breathtakingly tantalizing if Gru will be The Good Guy or not!



The ending is the perfect blend of silly, sappy and funny all rolled into one. Gru disco dancing with the girls is just priceless and is worth almost the whole movie just for that.




Overall, this was so much fun. There were a lot of clever ideas and humorous gags and  I’ve been re-watching this regularly several times a year. Not tired of it yet! It also has heart in just the right amount to make me all manly blurry eyed. Completely recommend this. If you have watched Despicable Me, what did you think of it?

Next month I’m thinking of going over either The Transporter with Jason Statham or RED with Bruce Willis. Feel free to let me know your preference if you have one.




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55 thoughts on “Despicable Me (2010 Movie)

  1. I’ve only seen the first one, very decent movie, and minions were very nice – but I’m less enthusiastic about the minion craze that followed that… I mean, sure, funny little rascals, but enough is enough 😉

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    1. Ahhh, grumpy Uncle Pio comes and pisses on the minion parade! 😉

      In all honesty, I understand the feeling. I just don’t happen to share it. And considering that, I definitely would stay away from the rest of the franchise 😀

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    1. I’m going to try to alternate between some of my favorite animated movies with action manly films where the blood and violence are over the top. One extreme to the other 😉


  2. Oh I enjoyed ‘Despicable Me’ as well! Didn’t expect it, but I loved Gru and even the girls and I was very much entertained!

    Not so much by the minions though.. They were annoying! I feel like the only person on earth with that opinion haha

    Loved ‘Red’! Check it out. It’s my brother-in-law’s favourite movie. Haven’t watched ‘The Transporter’ yet so can’t say anything about it.

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  3. haha fun movie to tackle- I really enjoyed this one 😀 I was also late to it, but glad I watched it in the end. hehehe well of course the banana-loving minions hooked me too 😉 And love your point that Gru is “not evil just a villain”. This is reminding me why I liked this movie so much- now I want to rewatch it!

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    1. I have a thumb drive plugged into my bluray player with a digital copy and I’ll regularly watch this while writing up book reviews, posts, etc. I’m guessing I’ve watched it over 10 times now? I really do like it 🙂

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    1. Right now I’m debating whether to review all 4 of the Despicable Me movies throughout the year or to just branch out and do random one offs. With only 1 a month, even a small series eats up a lot of space.

      Thanks for the vote.

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    1. I have seen very few Statham movies that I felt comfortable about afterwards. My first one was actually Crank and I was horrified to be honest. It was just filth. Willis on the other hand I’ve been a fan of since I first saw Die Hard.

      I think the kid in me loves Despicable Me and the adult me doesn’t seem to mind stepping aside, for whatever reason. Not sure what it is but with some other franchise I’d probably be gagging 😀


      1. Yeah, I’m not as big on action films as I used to be, so a lot of Stratham’s stuff I’m typically not so interested in. Though I recently watched MEG and that was fun, in a deliberately cheesy kind of way.

        These days, it’s mostly sci-fi and kids movies at my house. I typically prefer Disney/Pixar stuff over Dreamworks and other studios, but because of the kiddos we watch them all.

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        1. I LOVE action films, but not when they incorporate drugs, sex and rock and roll (ha!). Speaking of action, I just saw the trailer for John Wick 3 coming out this year. I feel like it will determine if that franchise is a trilogy or truly a standalone.

          I used to watch every pixar movie when it came out but I haven’t even thought about the Incredibles 2 yet and I loved the first one.

          I wonder if I’m getting a tad too ambitious with reviewing a movie every month. The weight is already piling up on my shoulders 😉


          1. Ah, incredibles 2 was fun, I would definitely check it out 🙂 And I’m the same way with always feeling behind when it comes to movies. Speaking of Disney, I want to watch the new Wreck It Ralph movie, because I loved the first one too, but will probably have to wait until vide release.

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  4. This is one of the animated movies I have not seen yet, although I’m very aware of the minions and find them irresistibly cute. I need to watch this one at the first opportunity I get: what I love in modern animated movies is that, although the stated target are kids, there are always small bits that are aimed at adults, a sort of Easter Eggs that I always love to find.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  5. My mom whom never realy was interested in animation loves the minions. I think this comes from when my dad got real sick with cancer and we used to watch all the pixar and disney stuff together. I still shed tears when watchin Up! Was the last animation i watched with before he passed away. I miss him😔

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    1. Yeah, UP was on my list of movies to watch too, but that opening scene kills me, so I’ll have to wait until it’s summer and sunny and warm and I can handle it.

      Hope all the memories aren’t bad 😦

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  6. Did you see the trailer for John Wick 3?!? I honestly can’t wait for it to come out!

    I actually haven’t seen any of the Despicable Me/Minions movies. Something about the hype/buzz had always kept me at bay, but I think I should at least try the first movie out just to know why everyone loves these yellow things so much.

    I totally vote for The Transporter since it’s the only one I saw of the two. Red sounded like a flop when it came out, but I’d still be curious to hear your thoughts on it. 😀

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    1. I did! I’m pretty excited even if Halle Berry is in it. I’m trying to not get too excited, as I didn’t think 2 was nearly as good as 1, so I’m almost afraid 3 will continue that downward slide.

      I completely understand that hesitation to buy into the buzz. I do recommend the first movie though. It’s just good.

      1 vote for Transporter!

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    1. I just watched the 3rd movie today. It was definitely of the “fluffy” and no substance variety. I don’t think I’ll be reviewing any more in this franchise.

      It seems like RED is winning the vote.

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      1. Yeah, Despicable Me was really good – the rest of the franchise, not so much. Minions as a movie was the biggest letdown of those – DM3 was watchable, but nothing special.
        As much as I found Transporter fun to watch due to the nicely choreographed fight scenes, for me it’s a movie of “watch and forget” variety – whereas RED was more than that, solid entertainment with good actors having fun 😉

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        1. I actually really enjoyed the Minion Movie. I think it was because I wasn’t expecting anything from “minions” so I wasn’t disappointed 🙂

          RED definitely had some top notch actors. I’ve wondered if that was part of why they never did a 3rd movie, couldn’t afford them all 🙂

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  7. I didn’t expect to like this movie, but ended up loving it. I have yet to see anything else in the franchise, but intend to see them all eventually. (I was also late to the party on the first Despicable Me movie, though, so anticipate continuing to be late for the rest of the series.)

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    1. I found all the rest ot be much “fluffier” than the first. So if you expect that, you’ll be fine.

      I didn’t expect to like it because of the sound track that it starts out with. But the whole movie just won me over 🙂

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      1. It was the perfect combination of feel-good-fun and parody. I wouldn’t expect the sequels to manage to hit quite as spot-on as the first one did. Sounds like they worked well as a series, though.

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        1. Each successive movie felt a bit “softer” and “fluffier” instead of quality like the first. Still fun, not missing that essential “something” to make them great like the first.


    1. I ended up liking all 3 of the sequel movies, but do be aware that they simply are not as original or well grounded as the first. It felt like the writers for each successive movie got lazier or ran out of ideas.


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