Hogfather (2006 Movie)

240px-H_DVDWell, I did manage to squeeze in a movie before the end of the year. So here goes.


Part one of this movie deal with Teatime, successfully I might add, getting hold of the Tooth Fairy’s castle and all the teeth involved. He manages to destroy all belief in the Hogfather and the Hogfather’s Castle of Bone disintegrates into nothingness. Death has done all he can to keep the Belief alive by pretending to BE the Hogsfather but against voodoo, it isn’t enough. He knows it won’t be enough and so forbades his granddaughter Susan from interfering in any way.  She is human enough that he knows she won’t be able to stop from interfering. Susan learns that if the Hogfather ceases to exist, then the Sun won’t come up.

Part 2 reveals that Teatime has much bigger plans that just getting rid of the Hogfather. It appears that he has his eye (the one that’s not glass anyway) on World Domination. If Teatime can control the tooth-fairy, he can control the belief and hence existence, of anything. The storyline proceeds by the book, as it were, hahahahaaa.   Teatime comes back from defeat at the hands of Susan, forces a confrontation with Death and loses. Banjo, one of Teatime’s former associates ends up as the new Toothfairy.

The movie does a really good job of following the book’s story. In some ways I thought it did a better job actually. It smoothed out some of those leaps of intuition that Pratchett required of his readers.  Certain issues were plainly spelled out. I also thought the chronology was presented better too.

And Teatime? Oh my goodness, what a complete FREAKAZOID! He scared me.  His voice was spot on and his casual dismissal of everything except himself was exactly as I imagined it when reading the book.

With those improvements, did I like the movie even more?


The couple of Discworld movies I have seen all suffer from the exact same problem. Pratchett’s humor does not translate from the written word onto the screen very well at all.

While I wasn’t laughing out loud the whole time reading the book, I didn’t even crack a grin while watching the movie.  It felt too long and all I could think of was “when is this going to be over”? That is the death blow thought for any movie for me.  Also, why is Albert front and center of the dvd cover? He’s Death’s lackey,  a minor side character.  And he looks like some dirty monkey on the cover. He’d be better served as a villain in some Dickens book.  I wouldn’t buy that dvd if you paid me!

A complete, utter and abysmal failure of a movie. I would not even recommend this to a hardcore fan because the humor just doesn’t translate. And Pratchett without humor is like vegan icecream.



And I’m doubly disappointed because the book was so good. Well, there’s always next year to find a decent movie.


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31 thoughts on “Hogfather (2006 Movie)

  1. BrokenTune says:

    I’ll wager that Albert takes centre stage because David Jason is a national treasure over here.
    I would have loved a different cover for the dvd, too. Not that I dislike David Jason (I really don’t) but I would agree that Death should feature more prominently on the cover. However, I can see that this might be off-putting to potential buyers who aren’t familiar with the story.

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  2. No movie has yet done justice to Terry Pratchett.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      So true! I tried to really love Colour of Magic, because it is my favorite duology in Discworld. Best I could muster was a faint smile. I’ll definitely never be buying any the movies, that is for sure.


  3. piotrek says:

    I… kind of like these movies, a bit. As illustrations of stuff I already love. Although I prefer the Kirby/Kidby covers 😉 But yes, they’re simply nowhere near as funny as books.

    Now, time for some heresies…

    I have to say that in my city we have some really tasty vegan ice-cream 😛 I’m a meat-eater and milk-drinker, but some of the vegan things are so good, when prepared the right way 🙂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      They aren’t terrible movies, but if I had never read Pratchett and watched ANY of these first, I’d never seek out the source material. I consider them supplementary material for fans who want “more”. I don’t see the general public watching these and THEN getting into Pratchett’s books.

      I’m glad you had a good vegan experience. My first experience with vegan was going to a summer camp with Mrs B and they had a vegan dinner, only I didn’t realize it. I took a huge bowl of what I thought was mac and cheese, only to find out it was vegan mac and “cheese”. I think I ate 3 spoonfuls before giving up. It is now a running joke in our house 🙂

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  4. I was SO hype for this movie when it came out.. But felt the same. Too long. Didn’t even end up finishing it. I try to forget the experience 😦

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  5. Oh wow, I didn’t even know there was a movie! The way this sounds, it’s probably because no one likes to talk about it 😛

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  6. I’ve heard that Pratchett’s humor is something like an acquired taste, so I’m not surprised that it did not translate well into a movie. I guess I will limit myself to the books once I start on my Pratchett Journey! 😉

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  7. For some reason I never really took to Terry’s work-very well written books but they just didn’t grab me and I don’t really know why! That was disappointing. It looks like I wouldn’t do any better with the filmed versions either!

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    • Bookstooge says:

      We’ve talked about humor before 😉
      So if the books didn’t do it for you, I simply don’t see how the movies would.

      Heck, I gave up on Discworld near the end because Pratchett was getting bitter and more “tirade” in his books than humorously satirical 😦


  8. Yikes… This sounds bad… I didn’t know about any of the movies though, but I also never looked up what the adaptations were like. I do own a graphic novel adaptation of the first couple books though. Hopefully it’ll be a much better experience than the movies. 😮

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  9. Yeah the humour just never seems to translate in these :/ it doesn’t really matter if it smooths out some parts, if it completely fails to capture the magic of the original! hahahahaha that picture of vegan ice cream is hilarious (and too apt 😉 )

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  10. Nicole says:

    Sorry you didn’t like it… I on the other hand, loved it! It might help that I watched the Hogfather movie before reading the book, but after having read other Pratchett. (Then again, I also liked the movie version of Going Postal, which I watched after having read it.) I think different people just need different things from the books/movies, so there’s something for everyone.

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