Antman & The Wasp (Movie)

antmanwaspAntman & the Wasp. Technically I know there is a hyphen between Ant and Man but since this is a movie review and what’s more, it is MY movie review, I don’t particularly care. It is much easier to remember and search for “Antman” than “Ant-Man”. I mean, with my thousands of movie reviews, I need to make things easier to find, right? 😉


Before watching this movie, you definitely need to have watched Antman. My history with Antman was a weird one.  When I heard that the MCU was putting out a movie about Antman, as a solo hero, I was right there in the frontlines scoffing as hard as anyone. Some guy in a suit who can shrink or enlarge himself? Come on, how corny was that? Plus, given the quality of writers in Hollywood these days, I figured it would be a very lame story.  However, when I ended up watching it, it became one of my favorite recent MCU movies. A heist movie with a wise-cracking lead. And Evangeline Lilly. I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since her “Kate” days in Lost. So the original movie surprised me a lot with how much I ended up liking it.

It was a no-brainer for me to watch this sequel once it came out on bluray/digital.

First off, the characters.  Paul Rudd makes Scott Lang. Since I’m not a comic book fan, I’m not comparing anything, which always helps. Lang is a down on his luck, no matter what, kind of convict. I mean, he is under house arrest for years for helping out the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. So the movie starts out with him living at home, trying to start up a security company for the guys who helped him and to entertain his daughter. He really comes across as the luckless guy who really wants to do good but no matter what he does, it turns out bad for him. He’s not a fighter, not an aggressive in your face, Knight on a Noble Steed kind of guy.  A girl teaches him how to fight, for goodness sake in the first movie and in this one, he doesn’t do the fighting. That leads over to the Wasp.

Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne, aka the Wasp, is the fighter in this movie. Much like her alter-ego name implies, she is the one with the sting.  She is the one who does most of the fighting, whether against the Ghost or against the Hillbilly Boys and half the time she’s the one initiating the fighting. At the same time she’s working with her dad Hank Pym to build a machine to bring her mom back from the quantum zone. That is her goal and she is completely driven.

The other sub-characters didn’t jar anything for me. Michael Douglass, Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne, all big names that brought their skill to the story without overshadowing the main characters. Michael Pena as Luis, gives another excellent performance as the big mouth buddy of Scott Lang who just cannot keep his mouth shut. When the bad guys put him on the truth serum, man, that was one of the best parts for me. I am a fan of him talking while other characters act out the scene as if they were him. Since it wasn’t “new” like in the first movie, it wasn’t quite as funny but I still found myself smiling away.

The badguys were a bit of a letdown I have to admit.  The Hillbilly Gang moved the plot forward but I never felt like they were a serious threat. The Ghost was cool with her abilities but her obsession with killing Hope’s mom to steal her quantum energy bordered on monomania. She did provide a great foil for Hope in the fight scenes though.

The overall plot was the rescue of Hope’s mom and all the problems the heroes faced while doing it. Nothing earth-shattering or world ending. Sometimes I need the little battles to remember that people are people.

So the movie ended and I had enjoyed it tremendously. It was everything I wanted in an Antman movie. I watched the first mid-credits scene and can’t even remember what it was to be honest. Then came the final scene. It ties directly into the Infinity War but even so, I found it horrifying. It was bad enough with 3/4 of the team (Dr Pym, Hope, her mom and Scott Lang) suddenly disappearing into ash but the panning over the city and seeing nobody? It gave me shivers and honestly kind of ruined the mood.  That isn’t the tone of the Antman movies. It did guarantee though that I’ll be watching Infinity War at some point.


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28 thoughts on “Antman & The Wasp (Movie)

  1. saloni says:

    Infinity War is pretty darn good. There are a few plotholes, okay, a lot of plotholes, but it’s definitely one of the best Marvel films.

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  2. piotrek says:

    A highly enjoyable Marvel! Worthy sequel of the first one, Wasp was indeed kicking ass. It wasn’t really a part of the big storyline, but it was a fun ride.

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  3. Definitely on my list! I’ll probably binge the first one and this one together, since I haven’t even watched that one yet. I’m so behind on movies these days. With all the books to read, who needs a TV.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I endorse your idea to watch these back to back. I think that would work out really well.

      Because I agree completely with your statement, “who needs tv?”. Books are where its at 😀


  4. savageddt says:

    This makes me look farward to seeing the second Antman film.

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  5. I did not watch the first movie until it became available on one of the movie channels on Sky, and even then I was ready to poke some fun at this new super-hero movie, because – let’s face it – they are becoming a little too much. To my surprise, however, I had great fun with the first Antman movie, probably because of the seamless blend of adventure and humor, especially for the humor that IMHO is an essential part of these stories, that should not take themselves too seriously.
    So, I’m happy to learn that the sequel is just as enjoyable as the original movie, and I will try and catch it as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      the humor is definitely what made these work for me too.

      It feels like we’re moving into critical reaction mass with the super hero genre. And not in a good way. How much more saturation can we take? I don’t even care anymore about them whereas I used to almost salivate at the thought of the next one. *sigh*

      I hope you enjoy this once you get around to it. I’ve got it on my Christmas list, so one way or another I’ll be getting a physical copy…

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  6. Technically, Scott’s stuck in the quantum realm. He’s not dead; he’ll be suiting up with the remaining Avengers to bring down Thanks in Infinity War Part Deux.

    I have got to see this second Ant-Man film!!!!!! 😃

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  7. I haven’t kept up with all these Superhero films. The last one I saw was that Fantastic Four Silver Surfer thing! So mant to catch up on and tons more come out every year!

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Wow, if you are that far behind, I don’t know if I could even recommend any to start with.
      Of course, almost every MCU movie now will be loads better than that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. I remember grimacing my way through it…

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  8. I still need to watch the first one- but I’m so glad it was good. The characters sound like they’re well done. Although it’s a bit of a pity about some of the side characters and baddies. I hope you end up liking infinity war when you watch it- I can see how the tie in would be disturbing. Great review!

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  9. cleoclassicalcarousel says:

    I really liked this movie, but I will confess I’ve never seen the Antman. Does this make me beyond redemption? And will I further condemn myself if I watch Infinity War before the Antman? Oh my! 😉

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    • Bookstooge says:

      If you saw this before Antman and were ok, I think you’ll pull through 😉

      Antman had some setup for Captain America: Civil War but I doubt it will affect a watch of Infinity War.


  10. Nicole says:

    I agree that waiting until you can watch both Infinity War movies together is the way to go. It was an enjoyable movie, but you know going in that the story is going to leave you on a huge cliffhanger, so unless you’re okay with that it’s better to wait.

    I really enjoyed both Antman movies, too. I like that they don’t take themselves quite as seriously as a lot of superhero movies do. And the tone is certainly lighter than, say, the dark darkness of Batman movies. (The dark movies have their place too, but I like the variety.)

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  11. Is it safe to say that you didn’t watch every Marvel movie that leads up to Infinity War too? It’s pretty cool to see some love thrown towards Ant-Man though. I also liked that overly-stretched out bit with the truth serum. That scene went on forever! 😛 Great review! Your love for it really shows here. 🙂

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