Road Trip to Izumo (Shaman King #6) ★★★☆½ (Manga Monday)

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Title: Road Trip to Izumo
Series: Shaman King #6
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 192
Format: Digital Copy



Yoh and Faust conclude their match. Yoh tricks Faust into overextending his mana and manages to destroy Eliza’s corporeal form. This sends Faust into a rage and a monologue where we find out Faust’s history and that Eliza is actually his dead wife. Faust wants to become Shaman King to bring her back to life. Yoh uses up his mana to destroy Eliza and thus loses the match. Faust tries to kill Yoh even though the match is over. Yoh is saved by Ren Tao because Ren’s next fight is with Yoh.

Yoh realizes he simply isn’t powerful enough and so makes a trip to his hometown Izumo. There his grandfather sends him through a cave for a 7day journey in full sensory deprivation.

At the same time it is revealed that Monta is the heir to Japan’s largest Electronics company and his getting almost killed doesn’t sit real well with his family. His dad tries to bundle him to America but Monta decides last minute to not get on the plane and to go to Izumo He has the company of Wooden Sword Ryu who has decided that he wants Yoh’s grandfather to train him as a Shaman. They run into a young girl who is in training who can read the future through her spirit guides Conchi and Ponchi. C&P are dirty minded little tricksters who simply are bored. Anna shows up and takes control and straightens everything out.

Yoh comes forth from the cave much stronger but now has to finish his training with his Grandfather.

The book ends with Ren Tao talking about his family and how he wishes they all were dead.


My Thoughts:

I have a presentiment that most of the future “reviews” of Shaman King will consist more of the synopsis than anything else. That’s one of the pitfalls of a fighting shonen manga. The battles themselves become more important than the storyline. This hasn’t reached that level yet but the training, powering up, etc has begun in earnest and new tricks will be revealed in each book. It is expected now and thus plot will be taking a second seat.

The background of Monta was really odd, as him being a Magnates heir just doesn’t seem to fit him. Of course, him being just 12 somewhat mitigates that. Considering the Oyamada’s feelings about Yoh I suspect some drama will ensue in later books. OR they’ll just disappear and we’ll never see them again. There is certainly enough “family” drama going on what with the Asakuras and the Tao’s. Speaking of Ren Tao, his desire to be the Shaman King to end his family’s cycle of death and revenge seems a bit off too, as it did with Monta. Doing what they want doesn’t seem the way to oppose them. Definitely shows that he’s not invested emotionally in his family’s vendetta against “whomever”.

The little cartoon spirits of Conchi and Ponchi definitely reminded me of Ren & Stimpy. While I never watched that particular cartoon, my friends all did and I heard more than enough and saw more than enough. Their pairing with the shy and reserved Tamao, the future reader, is genius on the manga-ka’s part, as they don’t actually have to be that bad to look bad since they’re being compared to Tamao. She can barely talk she’s so shy. The manga-ka definitely is jumping around with his characters to find the right “comedic” character so we’ll see if these 2 make a splash or not.

I think next month I won’t be doing a volume every week. It was ok this month but honestly, it’s a bit much to keep it up. Well, I say that as I’m recovering from being sick so maybe when I’m healthy I’ll feel full of vim and vigor and say “Piss & Vinegar! Give me that manga!” I doubt it though.



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8 thoughts on “Road Trip to Izumo (Shaman King #6) ★★★☆½ (Manga Monday)

  1. Ola G says:

    Glad to see you back on your feet 🙂

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  2. I love those action sequences. Especially when they have you hooked and feeling all kinds of emotions. Hope things continue to be strong and good for you and this manga!

    By the way, what does the “-ka” stand for next to manga? I’ve seen one-two people say manga with that suffix, but I’m not sure if it’s how it’s supposed to be said, although no one actually does in real life hahah

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  3. savageddt says:

    as long as you still like reading these manga that is all that counts. Hope you are feeling better. I am sorry its taken me so long to get back to reading reviews again.

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