Love’s Labour’s Lost ★★☆☆☆

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Title: Love’s Labour’s Lost
Series: ———-
Author: William Shakespeare
Rating: 2 of 5 Stars
Genre: Play, Comedy
Pages: 98
Format: Digital Edition



King Ferdinand, 3 of his lords and a Spaniard, all take a vow to study, fast and avoid women for 3 years. Of course, King Ferdinand forgets that he’s supposed to be welcoming a French Princess into his court. She and her ladies arrive, are forced to decamp outside of the city and all the men fall instantly in love with the ladies.

They write love letters, lie to each other, all catch each other out, unsuccessfully woo the ladies as Russians (I kid you not) and then, just when they are about to successfully win the ladies as themselves, the Princess’s father dies and the ladies all retire for a year.

Throw in some mouthy servants and smart ass pages and bob’s your uncle.


My Thoughts:

A lot of the humor of this play was based on the reparte between the men amongst themselves, the ladies amongst themselves and then amongst them all as a group. They cut, they swipe, they’re snide and pompous. It didn’t work for me at all.

The servants should have been whipped to death for their insolence or at least muzzled. The men were idiots for taking such an oath in the first place and then to watch them each perjure themselves was just disgraceful. The women were cold and playing it all as a game when they should have been much more serious.

All in all, if a dragon had walked on stage and eaten every character, I would have stood up, cheered my head off and then run off as fast as I could before the dragon ate me. I am beginning to suspect that I don’t like Shakespeare’s style or sense of humor.



bookstooge (Custom)



26 thoughts on “Love’s Labour’s Lost ★★☆☆☆

  1. pcbushi says:

    Have you read the Tempest or Othello? I think Shakespeare really takes a lot of effort to appreciate, but I liked those two.

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  2. Sure doesn’t sound like it was worth your time… 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      See, that’s the really hard part about not liking his comedies. I can still appreciate this from a literary standpoint and am glad to have this bit of foundational knowledge under my belt but I just can’t “like” it 🙂


  3. savageddt says:

    Not sure Shakes is for me either…

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  4. BrokenTune says:

    I love his tragedies, but his comedies … sheesh. Many of them would be infinitely improved by a dragon devouring the characters on stage.
    Also, … dragons improve most things (imo).

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  5. Ola G says:

    Sounds like they’re just not your type of stuff 😉 I quite enjoy Shakespeare comedies, but within the context of when and where they were written. His tragedies are universal, whereas comedies were certainly cut to suit the audience of his times.

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  6. That does sound… um.. boring^^I’m glad I gave up on Shakespeare.

    I only ever liked one of his works and that is MacBeth. The first scene with the witches is one of my all-time favourites 😀

    We just overanalyze him to death at school in Germany.. -.- Poem after poem after poem….. you get so over it

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  7. This sounds pretty horrible! I liked doing Hamlet at school but I’ve never really read him for fun. I prefer stuff easier to follow!

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  8. If only Shakespeare included more dragons in his work! That would certainly entice me to read more of them. 😂🤣😂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      You know, I bet somewhere is some kid who is thinking that same thing. And some day that kid will write a brand new mashup and it will be a complete success and it will bring the original shakespeare back into vogue.

      That’s what I’d like to say. What I’d really say is:
      “That snotty nosed brat completely ruined this piece of literature! What are kids these days coming to anyway?”


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  9. hahahaha a dragon running on stage certainly would have spiced things up!!

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  10. Matt Ries says:

    Well you liked this play more than I did, I only gave this play 1*.

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