♪Bookstooge ♪ Confessional♪


Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen! For ONE DAY ONLY!!!

Bookstooge, that international man of mystery, that scallywag that made a fool of Poirot, that debonair playboy who taught Bruce Wayne everything he knows, that world travelling thrill junky, the artist who taught Moby the art of Music, the man who ACTUALLY painted the Mona Lisa, YES, THAT BOOKSTOOGE!!!! is here today.


Bookstooge, Uncoweled for the First Time in History!


No subject is OFF LIMITS. Bookstooge will reveal the secret that started him on his path of skullduggery, the whirlwhind romances he experienced, the near death experiences, the thrilling adventures, the moment when he saw the errors of his ways and became A FORCE FOR GOOD!

So step right up, gentle beings of the galaxy and for a pittance, a mere pittance, be entertained, be astounded, BE AMAZED at what you will see and hear.




It all started that fateful night. I was born! Much against my wishes I am told and as the years have rolled on, I concur. Oh, the pain within and without that could have been avoided if only my parents had died in that car accident. Christened Marstal Thrasble Youngylis the Fourth (and no, my father was Jedibiah Smahck, there were no previous Marstal Thrasble Youngylis’s), I came into this cruel hard world with a name to make grown men weep and beautiful women shudder in horror.

When my parents didn’t die (in car accidents or otherwise) and I realized I would never be adopted and thus have my name changed, something inside of me broke. The rage grew, the inner torment began manifesting as physical flames and I began to invest in DuPont’s Nomex fireproof line of gear. (By the way, that stuff REALLY works. I’ve made a bundle off of my investment. )


[invest now, pro-tip!]

But whenever I would grow close to a beautiful woman, they were always driven away by the flames of my passion. I burned too hot, too bright, too fast for them. I was destined to be alone, forever. Until that fateful day that I met Miss Librarian Girl. She saw my flames and instead of running away screaming, in horror and despair like so many before, she just threw a bucket of water on me. Surprisingly, once I got over the shock of such an occurrence, I realized that I no longer burned uncontrollably. Thus was born, BOOKSTOOGE! Defender of himself, One Man Reviewing Machine, Spewer of Outlandish Tales and the kindly soul you all have come to love and adore.


The Crowd Goes Wild!!!!!


Since I am in such a good mood today, I have decided to let you ask me questions. That I will answer (ha, I bet you thought I wasn’t going to include that part). So if you have ever wondered anything, or actually nothing but you want to make silly crap up, now is your time. I’ll put up your questions in a separate post next week and answer as best I can. Be warned though, I am Bookstooge, contrarian extraordinaire.

The only caveat is that I will answer NO questions, and I mean absolutely ZERO, on the subject of porkchops. I am simply not at a place in my life where I can deal with such questions. Thank you for understanding.





bookstooge (Custom)

23 thoughts on “♪Bookstooge ♪ Confessional♪

  1. Bookstooge says:

    I did not realize that final pix was a gif. I am so sorry.
    (and I’m really creeped out too!!!!)

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  2. saloni says:

    Sounds good! Here’s my question: What’s something a lot of people don’t know about you?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. savageddt says:

    Question 1: what would be the most offensive question a person could ask you, would you answer it?
    2: when living on the 4th floor of a block of flats, where should I plan to have my bunker installed(just saying, I might be a bit hooked on your preparing for bad cases posts…)?
    3: have you ever been in a different country as to where you live and grew up(overseas)? If so where have you visited. You can decide on what you’d like to answer

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  4. H.P. says:

    What are your thoughts on cooking pork chops on a charcoal grill versus cooking them inside on cast iron on the stove?

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  5. Matt Cowper says:

    1.) Since you painted the Mona Lisa, what does her smile really signify?

    2.) I heard you once beat Chuck Norris in an arm-wrestling contest. Is this true?

    3.) It is commonly believed that aliens haven’t invaded Earth because they fear your righteous wrath. But one day you’ll die, and we’ll be defenseless. How can we prepare for the inevitable onslaught?

    4.) When you tell someone the time, do you say, for example, “It’s seven-fifteen” or do you say “It’s a quarter past seven”?

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  6. That gif was scray…. A mix of a pig and a vampire a vampig….

    Questions: -Why are you in such a good mood?
    -What was the most difficult thing to teach Bruce Wayne?
    -Be honest, it was actually you who solved the “Death on the Nile” case but since you pitied Poirot you let him had that one?

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  7. Hahaha this is a most magnificent opportunity and I am somehow lost for words (it may have something to do with being about to go to bed and being exhausted… But we can just say it’s cos I’m overwhelmed by your glorious presence) how about: it is believed you faked the moon landing, is this true and if so how was it achieved?

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  8. Quite easily better than any origin story DC or Marvel have dreamt up 😉

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  10. OlaG says:

    1. What is the most infuriating book you’ve ever read?
    2. What is your absolutely most favorite book (if you have one)? 😉
    3. Why did you burn Rome while playing violin?


  11. Could you share with us everything you’ve taught Bruce Wayne? Please? I always wanted to grow up to be just like him!

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  12. […] of Hell itself (namely, you all) presented me with a veritable book of questions to answer in my Confessional post. Being of stout heart and sound mind, I will answer such questions to put to rest any rumors […]


  13. […] the Bookstooge Confessional and follow up Saint Bookstooge Gives Answer.  How can you resist a post that ends with such a […]


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