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My Robin Read:

I bought 2 Robin graphic novels back in the early 90’s. One was A Hero Reborn and the other was Tragedy & Triumph. They made me a huge fan of Tim Drake who I knew was the third Robin. Dick Grayson was just a name to me and I knew that Robin2, as I thought of him, had died. You couldn’t be into comics and not know that. But Drake, he WAS Robin. But beyond those 2 GN’s, I’ve never explored the Robinverse very much.

Fast forward 20 years and suddenly I’m hearing that there’s a new Vigilante in town, Red Hood. He’s bad, he’s mean, he’ll hand Batman’s butt to him on a platter. And what do you know, he’s Jason Todd, resurrected from 30 years of death because writers are so darn lazy that they can’t come up with any NEW & GOOD ideas on their own. I had no interest in checking this guy out. He wasn’t Tim Drake. Then last year Lashaan reviewed the graphic novel for Under the Red Hood and surprisingly, to me, it sounded intriguing.

I’ve been wanting to re-read my 2 Robin books ever since I read that horrible Robin 3000 Part I and Part II last year, just to wash the taste out of my mouth. Since Under the Red Hood was now on my radar I thought I’d throw it into the mix. Why read 2 Robin books when you can read 3? Then I realized I need to actually read where it all began, with A Death in the Family, which chronicled Todd’s demise and set the stage for the Red Hood so many years later. I also decided on reading A Lonely Place of Dying,which bridges the time between Todd dying and Drake getting on Batman’s radar.

While these 5 graphic novels are not tied together as a publisher certified “Series”, they are tied through the characters of Jason Todd and Tim Drake as Robin. If I really like all these, I might go on and investigate the world of Red Robin, which is the Hero identity that Tim Drake took on at some point in the future. I know NOTHING about that.

Well, this little Intro Post went a bit longer than I expected. But there you go, my plans for some graphic novel reading in the Robinverse in the next couple of weeks and/or months.



10 thoughts on “Bookstooge & The Robinverse

  1. Yay for graphic novels! I’m not interested in Batman, Robin or even Marvel stuff, but I started the ‘Saga’-series this year and already finished the first 2 volumes – they were great! Hope yours will be as well 😀

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  2. New *and* good- what is this strange concept? How could they possibly go together? 😉

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  3. Bringing a character from the dead might sound unoriginal and all, but man was Red Hood well done in my books. Recently they also used Todd for another villain/antihero in the famous Arkham video games (there are comics for this) and that one was a bit more “unoriginal”. I told myself that maybe they did that because of how unlikely it might be for people nowadays to know who’s Red Hood and the whole A Death in the Family storyarc. Hopefully your adventure in the “Robinverse” will be fun and eventful.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Well, death in the family was a lot better than I was expecting. So I’ve got that going for me 🙂

      Another thing this has already solidified is that I’ll NOT be reading any Red Robin comics. I was checking his stuff out, what with being Tim Drake and all, and man, his costume sucks! Sorry, but any hero I’m going to read about needs a cool costume. So he got nixed on artistic grounds, or the lack thereof….

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      • If we’re talking about the costume design from his solo series by Christopher Yost and al. then I totally agree…. No effort was put into giving him a decent costume. But the one in his more modern iterations aren’t so bad. It’s the one I’m more used to seeing; the one you see in the Rebirth’s Detective Comics series I’ve been reviewing.

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