Survival Sunday – The Breakfast Edition


For all the Why’s and Wherefore’s of Survival Saturday, please visit the Intro Post. Thanks!


This past week was tough. I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with bronchitis and told to stay home. So I’ve been home since Wednesday. Mainly reading and lying on the couch. Even going to church yesterday completely tired me out, hence the lack of a Survival Saturday post. Today I’m feeling a bit more energetic so I’m doing a Food post.

Today’s entry will be Efoods Direct Granola and Whey Milk:



Just Like Mama used to make!






Whey Milk



Things Needed:

8 cups water

1 Package whey milk

1 Package granola

2 1/4gallon pitchers or 1 1/2gallon pitcher [I went for the 2 smaller ones, as that was what I had on hand]



Whey Milk

Why solids, maltrodextrin, coconut oil, calcium blend (calcium carbonate and tricalcium phosphate), fructose, sodium caseinate, food starch, mono and dyclycerides, salt, dipotassium phosphate, soy lecithin, silicon dioxide, natural flavors


Rolled oats, rolled wheat, brown sugar, canola oil, coconut, whey, oat flour, almonds, honey, vitamin E*

*mixed tocopherols added to preserve freshness



In pitcher or blender, combine contents of whey milk and 2 cups hot water until well blended. Add 6 cups cold water and mix well.


From the Mixed Up Files of Mr Book B Stooge



I used 2 containers and mixed the whey milk up by shaking it.


4.5 cups apiece

It seemed pretty well mixed. It smelled like MetRX because of the whey. I drank that stuff a lot in Bibleschool because I was trying to gain muscle mass and so I am used to the smell. It actually has good memories of working out with friends and having girls laugh at us for drinking such stuff. If this is your first time, the smell might be off putting.

I normally use skim milk and this seemed a lot thicker than skim. I put it into the fridge immediately after mixing and let it sit for an hour before pouring on my granola.

The package for the granola calls a serving 55grams.  Since that is completely meaningless, I poured the whole package into a 4cup container and it filled it up. Each serving is about 1/2cup.

I used 1 cup granola and 1 cup whey milk in a large cereal bowl. That comes to about 88carbs. That’s important if you’re a diabetic. It’s also a LOT of carbs to be eating at once.  The milk wasn’t nearly so thick once refrigerated and poured out like regular milk.


The granola was crunchy and sweet. The whey milk wasn’t overpoweringly “whey”, but I suspect that was more due to the sweetness of the granola.  Granola is a slow eating cereal. You really need to chew it so your stomach can digest it. I also wouldn’t want to eat it for breakfast every day. That much fiber and oats can do a job on your digestive tract if you’re not used to it.


Later Impressions:

I plan on using the whey milk this week in regular cereal and for other purposes, ie, maybe some hamburger helper. That’ll be the real test of just how well it compares to regular milk.







26 thoughts on “Survival Sunday – The Breakfast Edition

  1. What’s the reason for the whey milk? Does whey milk store better than powdered milk?

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I don’t know why, to be honest. But I’d guess that whey milk can store longer than regular powdered milk?

      I just looked it up, powdered milk has a shelf life of 3 years. This whey milk by efoods direct has a shelf life of 20-25 years.

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  2. Uh, interesting! I like granola, but am the same – I can’t have it every day. Good that it was yummy!

    I don’t think I could drink whey milk or any milk that’s made from powder 😀 It grosses me out. I stick to my yummy cow milk & soy milk haha

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I didn’t think I would be a fan of the whey milk either, but after mixing it and letting it sit in the fridge, it felt and tasted no different than some of the soy milks I’ve tried. It had that hint of vanilla after taste.

      Of course, we’ll see what I think by the end of the week 😀

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  3. Sorry to hear you were ill- wish you better!
    Whey milk sounds wayyy too scary for me to try 😉

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  4. Alicia says:

    Hope you feel better! I haven’t tried whey yet, I have experimented with hemp, oats and rice. I just leave them soaking overnight, blend them the next morning and strain. I also like granola but can’t eat it for many days in a row. ☺

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  5. Hope you feel better soon, sir. Laughed at the whey-workout-girls association. That’s one of way to make whey enjoyable. 😀

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  6. That doesn’t look very appetizing to me, but then I’m not a fan of granola, so I won’t fault efoods!

    And I hope you feel better!

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  7. When I’m in certain Asian or Latin American countries, I drink something called UHT milk. That stands for ultra-high temperature pasteurization, I think. Anyway, it’s just like regular milk in consistency, but tastes horrible. It can sit on shelves without refrigeration, though, so I can buy it in places that wouldn’t otherwise have milk. I don’t know if anyone sells it in the US.

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  8. Okay, I’m a pretend doctor —– bet you didn’t know that! 😉 Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Stay away from sugar, get fresh air and drink lots of tea. Peppermint is good for the lungs — I don’t suppose you have stinging nettle or elderberry, do you? Okay, that’s my prescription! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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  9. […] The Breakfast Edition was a good chance for me to try out granola and whey milk.  I didn’t do a separate post for when I used the whey milk later that week for some cooking but I ended up tossing the Hamburger Helper mix I made with it.  So while ok for cereal, I’ll never use it in cooking again. Too strong an odor. […]


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