A Quote from the novel “Light”

light (Custom)

Her answering cry could barely contain the force of all her grief and self-disgust and unvoiced rage.

– Page 73, Light by M. John Harrison


Yeah, we’ll see if this pans out for me or not.  So far it’s been nothing but disjointed story fragments filled with selfish characters who are filled with emotions like the quote. Not a promising start, for sure.



8 thoughts on “A Quote from the novel “Light”

  1. That’s a weird sentence.

    Why not just say “contained” instead of “could barely contain”? It barely contained it, but otherwise it would have spilled over into … what?

    Also weird that her cry had “unvoiced rage”. Sounds to me like it is being voiced. I suppose the author meant “previously unvoiced”?

    I guess that’s why he’s a widely-applauded author, and I’m a nobody!

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  2. Manuel Antao says:

    The biggest difference between literary fiction set in the future and Science fiction is that literary fictioneers don’t really believe in the future. History is merely a spiral of ever widening crap, and we are on the brink of the abyss. Any opinions otherwise must be exterminated.

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