Donkey Butts!

Oh the things you find when browsing Amazon. I was looking through the Cyber Monday Week deals when this particular picture jumped out at me:




What the phrack!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


When you click through to the product page, you see this picture:


Now, that is what you EXPECT to see on the teaser on Amazon’s front page. Not a gigantic blue donkey butt.

This will teach me to waste time browsing for stuff I don’t need when I could be reading!



24 thoughts on “Donkey Butts!

  1. Manuel Antao says:

    Yah ah ah ah. Amazon. ‘Nough said!

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  2. So what is this ominous donkey? 😀 Is it good for anything? Does it make noises or glow in the dark? Or is it just a random piece of decoration?

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  3. Honestly curious on how you even found this one hahahha

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  4. And now is suggesting I might like to read more articles about “Donkeys of Australia”.

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  5. It would seem you have been the butt of an Amazon joke… 😀 😀

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  6. Tyson Adams says:

    My son loves these things. They have several at the play centre we take him to near my parents’ place. He spends the entire time dragging them around through the obstacles and down the slides.

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  7. BrokenTune says:

    Hahahahahaa! How did I miss this post? … This is brilliant!

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  8. […] in 2017 I was browsing Amazon and came across a Big Blue Donkey Butt.  I never thought that experience could be topped. Today, I proved myself […]


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