Heretics of Dune Quote

You don’t write for success.  That takes part of your attention away from the writing. If you’re really doing it, that’s all you’re doing; writing.

There’s an unwritten compact between you and the reader. If someone enters a bookstore and sets down hard earned money [energy] for your book, you owe that person some entertainment and as much more as you can give.

An Introduction to Heretics of Dune, Frank Herbert


To bad more writers today don’t take that advice!




27 thoughts on “Heretics of Dune Quote

  1. So true!
    Also, I love that picture!

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  2. LOOL and I just loved Dune ! I guess it was worth the money 😉

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  3. savageddt says:

    Man, ive been putting of reading dune for so long, dont know what im scared for

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  4. Values and priorities have changed… greatly… 😦

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  5. Gonna mimic dragon and zombies by saying: very true and that’s a great picture! 😉

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  6. Amen. I’ve been burned by authors who choose to chase the cash more times than I like to remember. I guess it’s time to read Dune.

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  7. pcbushi says:

    You will take what entertainment is allotted you, pleb!!

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