Saving Daylight Movie Trailers

Tonight ends the tyranny of Big Government, at least for a couple of months. Thankfully, Brenton Dickieson put things into a slightly more awesome perspective. I’d never seen the trailer before and man, I sure enjoyed it.

If you hate trailers like I do and hate Daylight Savings like I do, then you might find this spoofy trailer and the trailer for the sequel as enjoyable as I did. Sadly, I can’t do videos here on WordPress, so I’ll just be linking to the respective Youtube Videos. The text under the pictures are the actual links.


Saving Daylight



Saving Daylight II: The Vanishing Hour


The really funny/sad thing is that you could see Hollywood actually attempting to make such a stupid movie. So enjoy your extra hour of sleep tomorrow! Since my body is a finely tuned killing machine aware of the slightest variance in all surroundings, I figure I’ll wake up at the same time as always 😦



Time to hit the gym!



9 thoughts on “Saving Daylight Movie Trailers

  1. Oh God, that was hella dramatic! But this post was a nice reminder of that extra hour. 😀 And man… I completely agree… Totally something Hollywood would attempt to make. With their inability to have original ideas, they’d think these were brilliant.

    Happy extra hour, sir.

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  2. I’m looking forward to the extra hour! That said, I hate daylight savings I wish we would ditch it.

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  3. We should form a club of Daylight Saving Haters. Want to be president?
    😀 😀

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  4. hahahhaha I could totally see Hollywood making this movie *and* people actually watching it!! I’ve seen trailers in the cinema that have made me laugh cos they’re just this bad in real life 😉 Clocks went back last week over here though, so I’m jealous of your extra hour 😉

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