Stinger Quote

This was too much for Cody to comprehend all at one time. Meeting a little girl from outer space in the middle of Brazos Street was weird enough, but a galactic bounty hunter in a black pyramid was one brainblaster too many.

Stinger, Page 322

Probably the best line in this book so far.

While this isn’t bad, McCammon hasn’t impressed me any more than when I read his The Border.  I’m only 60% done, so there’s still time for some mind blowing’ness to happen. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I was hoping for a bit more of this instead of two bit gangs and a small timer for a drug cartel.




7 thoughts on “Stinger Quote

  1. Yay, you are reading McCammon as well! I’m still in the middle of ‘Swan Song’ and like it,although I am reading very slowly.

    Did you read any other McCammon books apart from this and ‘The Border’? I’d be interested in ‘Boy’s Life’ as well and lots of his other books sound interesting!

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  2. Gotta admit that picture genuinely made me jump!! I hope this picks up for you and ends up having some mind blowing-ness 😉

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  3. He has Pennywise’s teeth when hungry!

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  4. […] after my Stinger Update, there was no mindblowing’ness. This felt exactly like McCammon’s The Border and while […]


  5. Perfect image for Halloween! So very SCARY… 😀 😀

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