September ’17 Roundup & Ramblings


14 books and 5515 pages. 2 less books than last month but just about the same pages.  Yeah!!!! Overall, I was very pleased with this month.


The Good:

Ready, Set, Hut  5 Stars

The World is Mine   5 Stars

Sixth Watch   4 Stars

House of Chains   4 Stars


The Bad:

Revenger   2.5 Stars

Spring Snow   2 Stars

Threshold   1/2 Star



Finished up the Eyeshield 21 manga this month and the top 2 spots actually went to that. It was a great finish to a great series. Took this month off from manga and will be starting up Oh My Goddess! in October.

Other blabbety blab bits and bobs. Finished up my “Favorites” series of posts. Did another “Surviving a Bad Book” post and it looks like that will be my next book related series of posts to do each month for the next couple of months. At least until the New Years.  Life was busy all month but I still managed to cook up some killer chili. Chef Bookstooge was a lot of fun to write with, just another Aspect of Bookstooge. It was fun enough to do a mini-foodee post that I’m thinking of doing another one each month for some of the survival food I keep on hand.  Survival Saturday has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  Did a couple of tags this month and the most fun to do was the TBR Tag.  Man, I love list’y type posts!

Ending up with more cover love. I read the Sixth Watch, which finished up the Night Watch series. All the covers, except for the Last Watch, shared the same theme for it’s covers. I really liked them so thought I’d share the whole shebang in one go.



19 thoughts on “September ’17 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. Survival Saturday? Yess, why not! I’d be interested!

    Did you ever watch the Russian ‘Watch’-movies?

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  2. That’s a lot of pages!! Sounds like overall it was a pretty good month 😉

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  3. Manuel Antao says:

    Between flights right now (Corfu). I see you’re still pretty busy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      Busy as a bee! That’s because I’m working instead of taking off for beaches and sun and scuba diving 😉

      I’m hoping this next month slows down in real life so my blogging life can pick up a bit. I think I’m going to have to do a sorting of those I follow to weed out some non-posters and find a couple of active people to replace them.


  4. bookcupidity says:

    I definitely vote for more Chef Bookstooge, Survival Saturday sounds fun!

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  5. That’s a really odd change of direction for the covert of the 6th book, but I’m definitely curious about the series and will have to check it out some day. Glad to see your reading rate continues to be insanely amazing. Hope October will continue to be awesome. Happy reading, sir.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Thanks. Between the King buddy read and my brother and sisnlaw buying a house [and needing painting, moving, etc done] I suspect that I’ll be a bit busy. Which will eat into my reading time 😦

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  6. ooh yes I really love those covers for the Night watch series!

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  7. More Chef Bookstooge 🤘! I’m a foodie and will always encourage more food on my feed 😂 Great recap! Separating it in a bad vs good reviews is a pretty good way to sum it up 😏

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I find that focusing on the good and the bad right at the beginning of the sumup allows me a couple of minutes to think about the books of that month and what I “felt” like overall. It is almost like a deep breath before giving a speech 🙂

      I’m hoping this Saturday or next to start Survival Saturday. I figure I can stand survival food, for fun, once a month or so 🙂


  8. […] my September Roundup, I talked about starting a “Survival Saturday” series of posts where I make a survival […]


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